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Social Foundation

Build and install your apps on a social networking foundation that follows a genuine nodes-graphs-stories architecture.

Social Features

Upon installation, Anahita provides a comprehensive list of social networking features such as: Actor Profiles, Social Graphs, Hashtags, Locations, Mentions, Story Feeds, and Privacy.


Select and install from a collection of available apps such as: Groups, Topics, Pages, Photos, Todos, and more. These apps can also be used as blueprints for developing your own custom apps.


Anahita provides RESTful & JSON APIs in all its apps. That means as you are developing your apps, you are developing your APIs too.


Every user interface, layout, and core class in Anahita can be customized and overridden without you having to hack the core architecture.


Extend Anahita by installing apps, integrating with other web services, or using it as a back-end cloud for your mobile apps.


Stay Resourceful

Save hundreds of hours worth in time and resources. The Anahita platform allows you to build lean and light knowledge apps that are inherently social from ground up following a nodes-graphs-stories architecture.

Grow Knowledge

Just like a brain at the center of your cloud, Anahita obtains information from the users and connects the dots by forming all kinds of relationships amongst them. The more people use the app and services on your system, the smarter your network becomes as a whole over time.

Gain Insight

Once your users and their inputs reach a critical size, your network can be used as repository of information for everyone and a contribution to your organization's knowledge capital.


Founder & Architect

Rastin Mehr

Rastin Mehr

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Johan Janssens

Johan Janssens

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Co-Founder of #Joomla. Founder of #Nooku. Techentrepeneur. #WebArchitect. Speaker. Free Software Advocate. #Startup #Advisor. World traveler.


Pascal Finette

Pascal Finette

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Chief Heretic & Director. Portfolio Manager @ Google Giving. Former Office of the Chair @ Mozilla. Before: Entrepreneur, VC and lots of other st...


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