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Anahita is a platform and framework for developing open science and knowledge sharing applications on a social networking foundation.

Graph Architecture

Anahita’s native framework provides a graph architecture and necessary design patterns that you need for developing social apps that work seamlessly with each other. Unlike conventional web applications, Anahita stores app’s data as a network of interconnected nodes and graphs which makes it ready to be used for real-time analysis.

RAD Framework

We have developed Anahita using open source technologies that are globally accessible to developers such as the LAMP stack and Javascript.

  1. MVC rapid app development framework specialized for building social apps.
  2. Fully customizable theme and user interfaces.
  3. Extendable by social apps and components.
  4. RESTful and JSON APIs (ideal to use Anahita as a back-end for mobile apps).
  5. Built using your favourite technologies such as PHP5, MySql, JQuery, Grunt, and Composer


Anahita provides the essential nodes and graphs that you need for most of your projects. You can also build your own custom apps with custom nodes and graphs to further extend your platform.

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Tribe Support

join the Anahita tribe and then post your questions on the Tribe Support group to get help from the members for free.

Paid Support

Send an inquiry to the company who develops and maintains Anahita.


Anahita is developed and maintained by rmd Studio. They have been developing web and mobile apps for scientific, healthcare, and industrial sectors since 2008.

Mozilla WebFWD

Anahita is a Mozilla WebFWD alumni

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