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Rastin Mehr

Rastin Mehr

May 25 2013

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of people use Anahita for their projects?

Most of the people who have been joining the Anahita tribes belong to one of the following groups: 
  • Hackers - those who can code innovative projects.
  • Entrepreneurs - those who can grow innovative businesses.
  • Hackerpreneurs - those who can code innovative projects while growing them as successful businesses (the deadliest and most competitive species of all in the ecosystem).

Is there a demo installation that you can look at?

This website is our demo which is fully powered with Anahita and here is where we manage projects, develop code, distributed it and provide support for it. You can apply for a free tribe account to experience how we are using Anahita for our day to day business operation.

What level of technical expertise is required for customizing or developing in Anahita?

If you have basic php, html, css, and javascript knowledge as most web developers do and if you have worked with web applications such as wordpress, drupal, or Joomla you will have no problem installing and customizing the Anahita look and feel. In fact you will be able to appreciate a lot of improvements that Anahita provides in comparison to other existing technologies. If you have knowledge object oriented programming, MVC, and other software design patterns, then you will be able to use the resources that we provide to quickly learn how to develop social apps. You can use Anahita’s existing apps as examples, our publicly available API documentation, and the Premium plans to receive support and have your technical questions answered.

What is Anahita's License?

Anahita is released under the GPL3License. Javascript code in Anahita is released under MIT licence

Is Anahita a Joomla! component?

No! Anahita started as a commercial Joomla component years ago, then it was made available as a Joomla distro which was using a stripped down version of Joomla as the container. As of version 4.3 all the Joomla code has been removed from Anahita. Today Anahita is a 100% standalone platform which is lighter and faster than previous versions.

Where does the name Anahita come from?

The project name and logo were inspired by the ancient Persian goddess Anahita, the divinity of water, wisdom, protection, peace, and fertility. She seeds the worlds with life and grows communities. Anahita Means "The Immaculate One". In the ancient culture water also symbolizes knowledge that freely flows amongst the communities and is necessary for life to continue. Some examples of a similar deity in different cultures would be Venus, Aphrodite, the pagan Eve (mother of all humanity), and the ancient Egypt Hathor. What's certain is that Anahita is a graceful, compassionate, powerful Goddess who is going to liberate the world from ignorance, hate, and oppression.

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Unknown Person
November 21 2013 Permalink
Joomla plug-ins need to be installed in order to use it anahita?
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Rastin Mehr
Rastin Mehr
February 20 2017 Permalink
Updated information regarding how Anahita started as a Joomla component and evolved into a stand alone platform of her own.

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