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Rastin Mehr

Rastin Mehr

November 13 2013

How to report bugs

Software bugs are a fact of life. The following is a guideline on how to report bugs an participate in fixing them:

  1. Search to see if the bug is already listed. If yes, add a comment with hashtag #confirmed. Provide as much informaiton that could help us fix the issue.
  2. If the bug isn't listed and you have admin access to this group, add the bug report as a todo item. If not, start a topic. Hashtag your description with #anahita #bug and any other hashtags that could make it easier to search and find this item in the future.
  3. provide step by step instructions on how to repreduce this bug. If you don't know how to reproduce the bug add the hashtag #unconfirmed to your description.
  4. if you have tested a bug report and confirmed it, change the #unconfirmed to #confirmed
  5. if you are working to fix the bug, add @yourUserName to the description so we know that somebody is taking care of this bug. Feel free to post your findings as comments.
  6. Send us pull requests and in your message post the link to the bug listing.
Those of you with admin access to this group, if you find any bug reports anywhere, please add them as todos here so one of the contributors can take care of them.

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