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Rastin Mehr

Rastin Mehr

February 01 2014

Anahita 4.* Roadmap

This is the list of goals that we want to accomplish for this release. The implementation details and time are generally unknown until we actually start developing them. #Anahita #vision #features


  1. base #tagging infrastructure
  2. tag: hashtags
  3. tag: people #mentions
  4. tag: actors
  5. tag: media
  6. tag: locations #locationgraph


  1. Geolocation libraries. Ability to extend and configure Anahita to work with a #geolocation services via plugins: Google, Open Maps
  2. Mapkit libraries for rendering #maps
  3. location nodes and graphs

Core Components and libraries

  1. Ability for admins or followers of an actor to invite their followers to follow the actor
  2. Refactoring com_actors and social graph
  3. Ability to share/repost an existing node. com_shares + ownership graph
  4. Separating Stories from the nodes table
  5. Separating Notifications from the nodes table
  6. Revisionable behaviour for media nodes and possibly comments
  7. remove anahita from the nodes and edges table names
  8. rename com_html to com_pages
  9. Implement com_links
  10. Mailer Queue: creating and sending out mail notifications in batches
  11. OAuth 2.0 provider and consumer
  12. Two Step Verification
  13. Google reCAPTCHA

Mobile First

  1. Rewriting all the Javascript libraries in #JQuery
  2. Rebuilding all the UIs for #MobileFirst

Apps & Components

  1. Private Messages
  2. Lead suggestion
  3. Improving Todos (dropping lists and milestones)
  4. Improving Pages
  5. Rename com_pages to com_articles
  6. Connect App
    1. Upgrading Connect app to use OAuth 2.0
    2. Improving account signup workflow using an existing social account

Replacing Joomla with native Anahita

  1. removing joomla modules
  2. removing joomla menus
  3. rebuilding the Anahita specific administration features using native code and removing the unused features.
  4. removing the MissionControl admin template
  5. removing the entire joomla library

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Nick Swinford
Nick Swinford
February 01 2014 Permalink
I thought nodes and stories were separated in 3.0?
Rastin Mehr
Rastin Mehr
February 01 2014 Permalink
Stories are still stored in the nodes table. We separated notes from stories. Notes are medium nodes. Right now stories are only pointers to media or provide contain an system update. Quite likely we will store stories in a separate table if we see that it will improve performance and lead to a cleaner design.
Roni Mmi
Roni Mmi
February 02 2014 Permalink
* need improvement of feeds
* a marketplace App
* a Sponsored Ad type App
******* a great admin panel where can control everything ****
Rastin Mehr
Rastin Mehr
February 02 2014 Permalink
@Roni the needs are endless, but we are focusing on high priority items only.
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Apoorv Singh
Apoorv Singh
February 04 2014 Permalink
"Mobile First" a MUST :)

# Link preview app

# And over all performance/optimization/code factoring etc. as needed for faster load of web pages.
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Rajkumar Mundel
Rajkumar Mundel
February 04 2014 Permalink

Please add improvement of Exiting Node comment display.
Eg - If some one comment on any node, all comments should come together and not as separate node.

In process of making daily commute better !!
James Imani
James Imani
February 04 2014 Permalink you find a new business partner to keep the development going?
Rastin Mehr
Rastin Mehr
February 04 2014 Permalink
@imani The company behind the Anahita will be the main contributor. We are also accepting contributors to work with us. I will be publishing another page about how the Anahita tribe can contribute in code, knowledge, and financially.
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I feel "Pavel Kulbakin updated his avatar " , this update should have Like and comment feature. Sometime I want to comment but :( :(
Rastin Mehr
Rastin Mehr
September 28 2014 Permalink
How are we doing so far? 9 items on the list are done so far.
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Seems like we are on track :)
Would love to discuss Locations and mobile first design with you !!
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Rastin Mehr
Rastin Mehr
April 29 2015 Permalink
That item number 1 under MobileFirst was a lot of work, but finally happened. As soon as Anahita 4.1 Birth release is out, then we can focus on #MobileFirst implementation and some other improvements that go with it.
New items are added to the 4.* roadmap
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I feel like I asked this before, but I can't remember. What kind of node will events be? Actor, medium, or something new inbetween?
Event is an actor node. It is a group with an expiry date.
Would/will it be possible for a group to have their own events?
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by association yes, but not by ownership.
I'm interested to see how that works.
Same, still haven't had a chance to think it through so my ideas are a bit fuzzy. @luther gave me some interesting concepts too via email.

Actors cannot own each other, but they can be associated with each other.
Scott Crawford
Scott Crawford
July 17 2015 Permalink
Does the current version of Anahita (4.1.4) still utilize Bootstrap 2.3.2?

Or has the template already progressed to a 3.0 variant of Bootstrap?

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