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Rastin Mehr

Rastin Mehr

February 01 2014

Anahita 4.* Roadmap

This is the list of goals that we want to accomplish for this release. The implementation details and time are generally unknown until we actually start developing them. #Anahita #vision #features


  1. base #tagging infrastructure
  2. tag: hashtags
  3. tag: people #mentions
  4. tag: actors
  5. tag: media
  6. tag: locations #locationgraph


  1. Geolocation libraries. Ability to extend and configure Anahita to work with a #geolocation services via plugins: Google, Open Maps
  2. Mapkit libraries for rendering #maps
  3. location nodes and graphs

Core Components and libraries

  1. Ability for admins or followers of an actor to invite their followers to follow the actor
  2. Refactoring com_actors and social graph
  3. Ability to share/repost an existing node. com_shares + ownership graph
  4. Separating Stories from the nodes table
  5. Separating Notifications from the nodes table
  6. Revisionable behaviour for media nodes and possibly comments
  7. remove anahita from the nodes and edges table names
  8. rename com_html to com_pages
  9. Implement com_links
  10. Mailer Queue: creating and sending out mail notifications in batches
  11. OAuth 2.0 provider and consumer
  12. Two Step Verification
  13. Google reCAPTCHA

Mobile First

  1. Rewriting all the Javascript libraries in #JQuery
  2. Rebuilding all the UIs for #MobileFirst

Apps & Components

  1. Private Messages
  2. Lead suggestion
  3. Improving Todos (dropping lists and milestones)
  4. Improving Pages
  5. Rename com_pages to com_articles
  6. Connect App
    1. Upgrading Connect app to use OAuth 2.0
    2. Improving account signup workflow using an existing social account

Replacing Joomla with native Anahita

  1. removing joomla modules
  2. removing joomla menus
  3. rebuilding the Anahita specific administration features using native code and removing the unused features.
  4. removing the MissionControl admin template
  5. removing the entire joomla library

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We're still on Bootstrap 2. Bootstrap 3 will be soon.
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Scott Crawford
Scott Crawford
July 17 2015 Permalink
Actually good news at the moment. I'll eventually be re-designing the Ux from the ground up but burnt a good amount of calories last year bringing the existing template into compliance with 2.3.2.

Very much looking forward to mobile-first.
Scott Crawford
Scott Crawford
July 17 2015 Permalink
Forgot to say... thanks Nick
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Scott Crawford
Scott Crawford
July 18 2015 Permalink
@Rastin - can you expand a bit regarding "
Rename com_pages to com_articles"? Feature-wise would this effectively the same app? Or some additional features?
@scott they are the same app, except the name would be more appropriate. We couldn't do that before because it would conflict with the com_articles from Joomla.
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I can see an immediate of application of an Event to an academic course. Since it has an expiration date, it will not lead to as many Group relics. My experiments with Anahita in a university setting has led to hundreds of zombie users that I need to cull. I'm wondering if students are a user type that might have a similar expiration scenario. Or, free users upgrade to paying users.
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Rastin Mehr
Rastin Mehr
August 05 2015 Permalink
@ssomers good topic to start in the Online Learning group or the Tribe Lounge. There are only 4 userTypes in Anahita: guest, registered, admin, and super admin.
Rastin Mehr
Rastin Mehr
January 25 2016 Permalink
All the LocationGraph items have been crossed out now. We've had progress.
Rastin Mehr
Rastin Mehr
February 14 2016 Permalink
com_pages is now com_articles and com_html is now com_pages. Proper naming is important!
Rastin Mehr
Rastin Mehr
October 26 2016 Permalink
We've accomplished so much from this roadmap. Can't wait to get started on the MobileFirst and ownership graph.
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Rastin Mehr
Rastin Mehr
November 10 2016 Permalink
Removed the events app since the demand for it has diminished and instead put more focus on the core architecture such as developing an OAuth provider and consumer architecture so Anahita can be integrated with other apps that use the OAuth protocol. Anahita would be able to use OAuth to even authenticate her own users as well as token generation required for registration and password recovery workflows. Also added 2 step verification.
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Rastin Mehr
Rastin Mehr
January 06 2017 Permalink
I added Google reCAPTCHA to the list. I wonder if there are any other similar services available which are as effective
Roni Mmi
Roni Mmi
February 11 2017 Permalink
Perhaps , You Can Also Consider to-do-list ... User Signup via Mobile Number. #MobileFirst
A 6-Digit Authentiction Code Will Send To User's Mobile Phone Via SMS. I feel reCAPTCHA is too annoying. Just my opinion only.

The Homefeed / Newsfeed reDesign.
A article must need contain 3 photo.
You can consider a True : Blog/Article Apps.
Topics Apps can only for Gruop.

** Apps *** Sponsored App + Google Adsence Intregration. Only 300x250 - 300x600 - So #MobileFirst Design Will Not Effect.

I really wish good for Anahita.
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Rastin Mehr
Rastin Mehr
February 12 2017 Permalink
@ronimmi I think you are referring to the 2 Step Verification, no? All the UIs will be redone for the next release. I'll post an article about it soon. You can post as many photos you want in an article, topic, or comment right now. You have to upload the image via the photos app and then just copy past the page url in the article. It gets rendered as an image. We could have a cover image for the article however.

I've been considering consolidating the notes,articles, and topics apps for a while. Something to experiment with.

Not sure about Adsense app. Most Anahita installations don't have enough traffic to generate enough ad revenue.
Roni Mmi
Roni Mmi
February 12 2017 Permalink
Exactly - 2-Step verification.
I'm really looking forward to see a great article apps. It's can also display related articles matched by keyword/# . Keep it up.

About The Adsence Apps / Sponsored Ads-Apps . Maybe We Can Call It : Custom HTML Blocks. So We Can Embed Ads , Newfeeds / Photo/ Video / Tweats From Other 3rd Party Source. The Landing page of Any Anahia Page. Example : Location Graph.
Another Concern is google search engine like Anahita platform for many reason. So you can consider few possibilities.
A Build-In SiteMap Generator For SEO in Admin Panel.
You are doing a lot of hardwork. Keep it up
Rastin Mehr
Rastin Mehr
February 12 2017 Permalink
Couldn't you use a custom template with overrides that include ad placers in them?

Also how many unique links can be in a sitemap? A social network can easily have hundreds of thousands of nodes.

You can start a topic in this group if you like.
Roni Mmi
Roni Mmi
February 12 2017 Permalink
Ok. Thanks Open Topic Will Be Fine.
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Rastin Mehr
Rastin Mehr
April 06 2017 Permalink
I removed the #Markup support because it isn't a high priority feature right now and added the leader suggestion app to the roadmap.
Rastin Mehr
Rastin Mehr
October 19 2017 Permalink
One more item crossed from the roadmap. We now have a Google reCaptcha plugin.
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@rastin Any plans for introduce MOBILE NUMBER Based SignUP / SignIN ?

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