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Rastin Mehr

Rastin Mehr

February 01 2014

Anahita 4.* Roadmap

This is the list of goals that we want to accomplish for this release. The implementation details and time are generally unknown until we actually start developing them. #Anahita #vision #features


  1. base #tagging infrastructure
  2. tag: hashtags
  3. tag: people #mentions
  4. tag: actors
  5. tag: media
  6. tag: locations #locationgraph


  1. Geolocation libraries. Ability to extend and configure Anahita to work with a #geolocation services via plugins: Google, Open Maps
  2. Mapkit libraries for rendering #maps
  3. location nodes and graphs

Core Components and libraries

  1. Ability for admins or followers of an actor to invite their followers to follow the actor
  2. Refactoring com_actors and social graph
  3. Ability to share/repost an existing node. com_shares + ownership graph
  4. Separating Stories from the nodes table
  5. Separating Notifications from the nodes table
  6. Revisionable behaviour for media nodes and possibly comments
  7. remove anahita from the nodes and edges table names
  8. rename com_html to com_pages
  9. Implement com_links
  10. Mailer Queue: creating and sending out mail notifications in batches
  11. OAuth 2.0 provider and consumer
  12. Two Step Verification
  13. Google reCAPTCHA

Mobile First

  1. Rewriting all the Javascript libraries in #JQuery
  2. Rebuilding all the UIs for #MobileFirst

Apps & Components

  1. Private Messages
  2. Lead suggestion
  3. Improving Todos (dropping lists and milestones)
  4. Improving Pages
  5. Rename com_pages to com_articles
  6. Connect App
    1. Upgrading Connect app to use OAuth 2.0
    2. Improving account signup workflow using an existing social account

Replacing Joomla with native Anahita

  1. removing joomla modules
  2. removing joomla menus
  3. rebuilding the Anahita specific administration features using native code and removing the unused features.
  4. removing the MissionControl admin template
  5. removing the entire joomla library

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Rastin Mehr
Rastin Mehr
March 25 2018 Permalink
@rmundel are you talking about 2 step verification?
@rastin Yes Kind of but Same like we have Email Signup Process, same way MOBILE signup process...

1. Person can signup with Mobile Number
2. If mobile, person will verify the number with OTP and will able to use the application

I asked because this helps to remove the fraud people from the platform.
@rastin, referring back to my earlier comments about groups having events. I read before that you were thinking about removing one to one relations from Anahita. What if parentable was refactored to be an edge and groups could parent an event? Like a parent and child.
I think using edges for the one-to-one relationships will make the architecture more consistent. I wasn't crazy about the parentable behaviour to begin with. I am waiting to see whether it becomes redundant or not. Who knows, maybe one morning we'll find an empty bed with a note left by the parentable class wishing us well.

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