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Rastin Mehr

Rastin Mehr

June 28 2018

Using Articles for blogging

We've decided to start using the articles in the Atrium group as our blog and retire our Worldpress blog. We thought that all the effort that is going to maintaining and updating the wordpress website could be invested in improving the Articles app and it is better integrated with the rest of Anahita website. We may or may not migrate the content from the legacy blog to this group; that depends on whether we find a really easy way to do it. It would be a nice concept, but not a priority. #Wordpress #ArticlesApp #Blogging 

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Cover is working for articles too.
I was going to bring over content from our old blog, but then I realized that I better invest the time in future developments. There is one functionality that I want to develop thought. A view and API that aggregates blogs from several actors. Ideally, a view which can be inherited by all media apps so one can create aggregated views for photos, notes, articles, and so on.

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