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Rastin Mehr

Rastin Mehr

July 08 2018

Anahita 4.3.12 Birth Release is out

This is a maintenance release with a number of fixes in RESTful APIs, OAuth for Twitter and facebook, and a number of improvements and cleanups in the core library. The only new features that we've added is in the Articles app. You can now upload a cover for a published article. You can see the change log for more details:

How To Upgrade

IMPORTANT NOTE: make a backup of your database before upgrading so if things went wrong, you would be able to recover. 

Now run the following command in the root of your Anahita installation:

$ composer update

then run the database migration:

$ php anahita db:migrate:up

that should do it.  

If you are using the master branch, you need to pull the code and then run the database migration. 

Need Help?

Please post your questions in the Support Group and we'll be happy to help you:


Special thanks to @nicholasjohn16 @scott @robsaric for reporting bugs, providing PRs, and testing.

#Anahita #Upgrade #REST #API #OAuth #ArticlesApp #ConnectApp

We are 3 starts left to reach 300 on GitHub. Would you star us please? Asking for friends:
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Rob Saric
Rob Saric
July 10 2018 Permalink
@rastin - gave you a star. Great job on the release!
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Thank you Rob!

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