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Rastin Mehr

Rastin Mehr

November 18 2018

Anahita 4.4.0 Birth release is now available

We just tagged this release on Github. It doesn't provide any new features, but some significant changes in the core framework has happened that are essential for those of you who are building custom applications for Anahita. 

How to upgrade

We have merged all the parts that we were using from the legacy Nooku and Koowa frameworks and removed most of the unused code. This has made the Anahita framework API consistent everywhere. So basically:

  1. All classes and objects prefixed with "K" or now prefixed with "An"
  2. All instances of "koowa" in the identifiers are now "anahita"
  3. All instances of "KOOWA" constants are now "ANAHITA"
  4. In the www/configuration.php file, "AnConfig" is now "AnSiteConfig". That's because once we merged the KConfig classes as AnConfig, it interfered with the AnConfig in the config file.     
IT IS IMPORTANT that you update any custom apps or templates in your existing Anahita installation to reflect those changes. There are no database schema changes in this release, so you are ok on that front. To update your existing installation just run the following command in the root of your Anahita installation:
$ composer update

If you had any questions or issues, please start a topic in the Tribe Support group so we can help you. Same goes if you discovered any bugs:

Here is the CHANGELOG for those who care:

What's next

We can now fully focus on separating Anahita Client and Server applications. We are currently developing the Anahita React app and refining the RESTful APIs in the server side code. You can read this blog post to learn more about the action plan: 

Enjoy the consistent Anahita framework API

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