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Rastin Mehr

Rastin Mehr

October 05 2019

Anahita 4.4.1 Birth Release is out

This update contains some critical security updates, so we advise you to update your Anahita installations. We have also improved the overall security of the Anahita domain entities. 

For those of you who have custom Anahita apps on your system, you may need to update them. Here are the changes that you need to make:

What's new

We are now supporting Amazon S3 Regions. When you upgrade your installation, go to Settings > Plugins > Storage Amazon S3 and select the Region for your AWS S3 bucket.

We are also using 2 Google API keys for Geolocation and Google Maps APIs. That is because Anahita does geolocation on the server-side while the maps pass the key on the client-side. You can technically reuse the same key for both services, but you may want to use two different keys with different constraints. Go to Settings > Apps > Locations and update the keys. 

How to update

Go to the root of your Anahita installation and run the following commands:

$ composer update

$ php anahita db:migrate:up

If you are using Amazon S3 for your images, your images will show as broken. Go to the Storage Amazon S3 plugin configuration and select the region for your S3 bucket. That will fix the broken image links. 

You also need to use two Google API keys for the Geolocations and maps. Go to the Locations app configuration and update the keys. 

If you have any issues through the upgrade, please start a topic in the Tribe Support group so we can help you out:

#Anahita #BirthRelease 

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