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Rastin Mehr

Rastin Mehr

July 04 2020

Site settings JSON views

Until now, site configurations didn't have a JSON view for Browse and Read methods, and that made it impossible to manage site configurations from a client app. 

We added those JSON views in the site settings component, and the code is in the master branch. We are still refining the output as we are developing the UX and UI in the Anahita React app, so we appreciate your patience until we tag a new release. On the other hand, you can build site management workflows in your clientside apps for mobile, desktop, and web. 

#SiteSettings #SiteConfigurations #AnahitaReact #JSON #API #RestAPI

Acto settings JSON view now has app assignments, administrators, and extended settings by the other components such as Connect and Subscriptions.

We didn't update the Subscriptions app settings JSON, because it is due for an upgrade. Ideally, we want it to work with the Stripe service.

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