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Rastin Mehr

Rastin Mehr

September 08 2020

Anahita 4.4.4 Birth Release is out

We have just tagged the 4.4.4 Birth release. This version comes with improved REST API for Site Settings and Actor Settings. We have also fixed several bugs.

We have been busy working on the Anahita React app and, through this process, improving the REST APIs in Anahita. 

How to upgrade

If your installation is from the master branch:

$ git pull

$ php anahita db:migrate:up

else, if your installation is from the latest stable release:

$ composer update

$ php anahita db:migrate:up

If you have any issues through the upgrade, please start a topic in the Tribe Support group so we can help you out:

#Anahita #BirthRelease 

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