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Rastin Mehr

Rastin Mehr

May 04 2021

Anahita 4.5.0 Birth Release is out

We tagged the 4.5.0 release yesterday. What's significant about this release is the improved JSON REST APIs for essential operations such as signup, authentication, password recovery, Actor profile settings, and Site Settings.

As you know, Anahita has been moving towards a Client-Server architecture. We are developing a client-side React application for Anahita. We are already using stable variations of this app in public and private platforms that we have implemented for our clients. We are also developing an open-source version of the Anahita React app for our community.

How to upgrade

If you are using the code in the master branch, do a git pull to obtain the latest code. If you are using a stable version of the Anahita, go straight to typing the following commands in the root of your Anahita installations: 

$ composer update

$ php anahita site:configuration

Then using vim or an editor of your choice, edit the configuration.php file in the www directory, and set:

var $client_domain = "";

Now save and quit the editor.

To be sure, run the database migration command just in case if there are any migrations left in your upgrade that you need to run:

$ php anahita db:migrate:up

Now test your Anahita installation and make sure if everything is working.

Need Support

If you had difficulty upgrading or had any questions, please start a topic on our support group:

We also offer paid support through our company, and you can contact us here: 

Want to help?

Follow the Anahita Project group to help us out or work on your own Anahita project alongside:

Next release's focus

One of the most fundamental changes in Anahita architecture will be happening in the 4.6.0 release we will:

1. Finish implementing version 1.0.0 of the Anahita React app and start using it for our live site.

2. Reduce the Anahita PHP codebase into an application that provides RESTful APIs only. We will accomplish that by removing the following components and libraries:

  • All the components' HTML views
  • Language package manager and language support because localization is now happening on the client-side.
  • All the UI libraries
  • All the content plugins because their functionality is now happening on the client-side.
  • The Pages component, because a similar Component in the Anahita React will provide static content pages.
  • Ideally, use JSON as the default output rather than HTML.
  • Provide Markdown Support rather than HTML in the editors where formatted text is desirable. 

Those are significant changes in one release, but at this point, we would like to implement new features in Anahita or improve some of the existing ones, such as the user onboarding workflow. The current legacy HTML views are getting in our way, and it is time to move on to the new Architecture. We expect that the Anahita 4.6.0 will be smaller, less complex, and faster than the previous releases. This code reduction is going to be so much fun!

Photo by Nidhi Shah from Pexels

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