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Rastin Mehr

Rastin Mehr

2 weeks ago

Transitioning to Client Server Architecture

The time is finally here for us to make the transition to client-server architecture in Anahita. We have been busy working on the nohtml branch of Anahita that sends back JSON responses by default. We have removed all the code that generates HTML layouts and user interfaces, and the codebase is nearly 50% smaller, and you will notice a significant speed boost, too. Once we merge the "nohtml" branch, we will tag it as the Anahita Server 4.6 release. 

We have also been developing an Anahita React app. You can either fork and customize this app or use it as a reference for developing client-side Anahita applications for web, mobile, or desktop computers.

A new Anahitapolis website

We will update the Anahitapolis website using our current codebase in the upcoming weeks. Then, we will continue to refine the codebase towards a stable release. There will be interruptions in the service because this is a significant upgrade. We appreciate your patience!

Helping you make a smooth transition

We realize that you will need time to upgrade your Anahita installations to the new architecture, and this process won't be as simple as typing a few commands into your server. You will need time to learn and adopt the latest technology, and we will do our best to make this transition as easy as possible. 

We will continue to maintain the legacy codebase in a separate branch and maintain the codebase for at least six months for critical issues. We will not, however, build any new features in the legacy codebase.

Once we upgrade the Anahitapolis website to the new architecture and continue developing towards stable releases, we will publish instructions on deploying Anahita Server and Client on the Amazon Web Services (AWS). We will be using AWS tools such as EC2, Beanstalk, RDS, S3, Route53, Load Balancers, and Amplify. 

A preview of the upcoming Anahitapolis Dark Theme

A preview of the upcoming Anahitapolis Light Theme

We hope that you will be pleased and excited once you see the performance and capabilities of the Anahita client-server architecture.

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will this new architect's server be build on updated PHP version or still PHP 5?
Right now you can use PHP 7.3.* in fact we recommend it. Once the nohtml branch is stable, we can upgrade it to PHP 7.4

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