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Scaling Up Anahita

Scaling Up Anahita

People have asked us about how to scale up Anahita for hundreds of thousands or more users, also about a micro-services version of Anahita. No cloud application can by default scale up to a large number of users. Traditionally, Software-as-a-service or SAAS projects achieved this by throwing hardware and computing power at their production server. Today they use a dev-ops and release engineering infrastructure.  

Reimagining Anahita as a microservices architecture

Two common technologies that we can use today are Docker and Kubernetes. Docker allows us to run Anahita, MySql Database, and other parts of a setup in individual containers. A group of Docker containers that communicate with each other is a cluster of containers. At the moment, Anahita is a monolith application. We want to move towards a micro-services architecture. In this article, I want to outline the first few changes that could make this leap happen.

A Client-Server Architecture

Moving towards a client-services archite...

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