Looks like Amazon Beanstalk is not an option right now until we upgrade the server codebase for PHP 7.4 which is on our immediate list for #Anahita 4.7 #AWS

Scaling Up Anahita

People have asked us about how to scale up Anahita for hundreds of thousands or more users, also about a micro-services version of Anahita. No cloud application can by default scale up to a large number of users. Traditionally, Software-as-a-service or SAAS projects achieved this by throwing hardware and computing power at their production server. Today they use a dev-ops and release engineerin...

Rastin Mehr

Rastin Mehr

We're still working on devops and release engineering options for Anahita. We've been deploying two #kubernetes #cluster to #AWS during the last few weeks. All paving the way to build #Docker and #k8s deployment tools for #Anahita. I appreciate your patience.
Rastin Mehr

Rastin Mehr

  • July 11 2017
Visualize your AWS cloud architecture https://cloudcraft.co #AWS #CloudArchitecture

Transitioning to Client Server Architecture

The time is finally here for us to make the transition to client-server architecture in Anahita. We have been busy working on the nohtml branch of Anahita that sends back JSON responses by default. We have removed all the code that generates HTML layouts and user interfaces, and the codebase is nearly 50% smaller, and you will notice a significant speed boost, too. Once we merge the "nohtml" br...

Amazon Lightsail is looking very tempting. I wonder how the performance is: https://aws.amazon.com/lightsail/pricing/ #AWS #Lightsail
During the last 2 weeks our focus has been on ways to deploy #Anahita using #Docker and #Kubernetes on cloud platforms such as #AWS we're going to make this happen and it will be a great milestone for Anahita.

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