Customizing your homepage

We are no longer using the anahita-react-app-assets package for customizing the react app. You can add an additional directory in the assets directory and add the directory name to the REACT_APP_ASSETS env variable. Do this only in the staging or prod branches so when you merge from the master branch, it won't overwrite your assets. #Anahita #ReactJS #MaterialUI
We are preparing to roll out the Client-Server #Anahita website and continue developing towards stable releases of Anahita 4.6, with no HTML outputs, and the #ReactJS app. I'll post an announcement next week.
We just tagged the #Anahita 4.5.2 Birth release which comes with a few improvements and bug fixes. Use Composer Update to update your installations or git pull if you are using the master branch.

Creating the first Super Admin account from CLI

We made a small but significant change in the Anahita installation workflow. We added a site:signup command to the CLI tool so you can create the first account from the command line. 

Signing up from the user interface signup form will set the user type to registered by default. 

We first implemented this feature for our upcoming 4.6.0 release in the nohtml branch, but we decided to give you th...

You can see the next release of Anahita in the nohtml branch which only renders JSON by default and OG (OpenGraph) if you use .og extension in the node URLs. The codebase is nearly 60% smaller: https://github.com/anahitasocial/anahita/tree/issues/nohtml #Anahita #nohtml #Restful

Do not use Anahita for spreading misinformation

Years ago, when I used to be in the Joomla team as a development group member, I came across a Joomla-powered website launched by the Iranian government to dox people who participated in the green movement protests against the theocratic regime. I remember how sick I felt in the stomach and how appalled I was. Here I was volunteering my programming skills and code for a good cause only to see s...

We just tagged the #Anahita 4.5.1 Birth release that fixes a critical bug in some email notifications for Account Creation, and Password reset. Thank you @cjsummeril for reporting the issue. Updates your installations: $ composer update or $ git pull
We are about to branch out the 4.6.0, and the first objective is to support #MarkDown instead of HTML, also remove all the #HTML views. That means the next release of #Anahita will provide a #REST #API only. We will be releasing the #AnahitaReact 1.0 to go with it.

Transitioning to Client Server Architecture

The time is finally here for us to make the transition to client-server architecture in Anahita. We have been busy working on the nohtml branch of Anahita that sends back JSON responses by default. We have removed all the code that generates HTML layouts and user interfaces, and the codebase is nearly 50% smaller, and you will notice a significant speed boost, too. Once we merge the "nohtml" br...

We need testers for the 4.5.2 release, which is the code in the master branch. Could you please try installing it and let me know if everything is working as expected? #Anahita
We've added a new site:signup command in #Anahita #nohtml branch which allows signing up the first user and Super Admin via the CLI. We are going to add this feature in the next maintenance release as well because it makes Anahita's installation a bit easier. #Signup
Rastin Mehr

Rastin Mehr

Preventing a php shell upload attack in your custom apps

A common form of attacks in applications that allow file upload is when you enable unrestricted file upload without checking the file type against a restricted list of mime-types in your back-end code. 

In the Anahita default installation, the only file uploads happen when a user uploads an avatar, cover image, or photo. In all cases, only certain mime types are allowed. If you are developing c...

We just tagged #Anahita 4.5.1 #Birth release that fixes a bug in email notifications such as Create Account and Password Reset. It also improves the Medium Privacy setting Rest API to return an updated JSON response. Update your installations!
So far we've removed about 40% of the codebase by size in the nohtml branch https://github.com/anahitasocial/anahita/tree/issues/nohtml #RESTful #Anahita
Currently, we are working on a better implementation of how we handle gadgets on actor profiles in the #Anahita #ReactApp I'm not proud of what we have right now.

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