We just tagged #Anahita 4.5.1 #Birth release that fixes a bug in email notifications such as Create Account and Password Reset. It also improves the Medium Privacy setting Rest API to return an updated JSON response. Update your installations!
So far we've removed about 40% of the codebase by size in the nohtml branch https://github.com/anahitasocial/anahita/tree/issues/nohtml #RESTful #Anahita
Currently, we are working on a better implementation of how we handle gadgets on actor profiles in the #Anahita #ReactApp I'm not proud of what we have right now.
Tagged the 4.5.0 release last night. Announcement coming out today. #Anahita #BirthRelease
The bug which was causing malformed URLs starting with http(s)://http(s):// should be fixed now. You can confirm by clicking on the links on the email notification you get for this posted note. #BugFix #Anahita
There is a bug which is resulting into links to have two scheme in the URLs. That is because we are still improving the client-server architecture. We are going to fix that before the 4.5.0 release. #Anahita #ClientServerArchitecture
Rastin Mehr

Rastin Mehr

  • October 13 2020
I've been busy renovating my place during the last 2 weeks because we are now working from home most of the time. As a result, I haven't been doing much Anahita development during this time, but the work will continue this week. #Anahita
We just tagged the #Anahita 4.5.1 Birth release that fixes a critical bug in some email notifications for Account Creation, and Password reset. Thank you @cjsummeril for reporting the issue. Updates your installations: $ composer update or $ git pull
We are about to branch out the 4.6.0, and the first objective is to support #MarkDown instead of HTML, also remove all the #HTML views. That means the next release of #Anahita will provide a #REST #API only. We will be releasing the #AnahitaReact 1.0 to go with it.

Anahita 4.5.0 Birth Release is out

We tagged the 4.5.0 release yesterday. What's significant about this release is the improved JSON REST APIs for essential operations such as signup, authentication, password recovery, Actor profile settings, and Site Settings.

As you know, Anahita has been moving towards a Client-Server architecture. We are developing a client-side React application for Anahita. We are already using stable varia...

We no longer have a server_domain; there is only a client_domain that replaces the live_site variable. If you are using a browser-based client app, then the client_domain is the domain of your browser-based app, otherwise, it is the domain of your web API. #Anahita
I am just waiting "clean mobile first UI - RESTful api" for some old school research idea ;) Hope next Anahita big release will have this thing. #Anahita
It's time to tie up some loose ends and roll out the next release. #Anahita
We have been doing a lot of development in the master branch. The new release makes it a lot easier to use #Anahita as the cloud API for your mobile, desktop, and browser apps.
Rastin Mehr

Rastin Mehr

We had to rewrite the Like actions in the Anahita React app and make some improvements. Next, we are going to work on the Password Reset workflow in both Anahita and AnahitaReact applications. #Anahita #PasswordRecovery #Likes
Rastin Mehr

Rastin Mehr

Media Stepper Viewer allows you to step through a list of pre-loaded photos #Anahita #MaterialUI #Stepper #ReactJS

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