Creating the first Super Admin account from CLI

We made a small but significant change in the Anahita installation workflow. We added a site:signup command to the CLI tool so you can create the first account from the command line. 

Signing up from the user interface signup form will set the user type to registered by default. 

We first implemented this feature for our upcoming 4.6.0 release in the nohtml branch, but we decided to give you th...

Nick Swinford

Nick Swinford

  • November 17 2017
Finally a fix for symlinking to anahita #cli on #windows! Delete anahita file in main directory and execute: mklink /h anahita.bat vendor\bin\anahita.bat edit anahita.bat and change /../anahita/anahita/bin/anahita to /vendor/anahita/anahita/bin/anahita
Nick Swinford

Nick Swinford

Any other Windows Users?

Are there any other #Windows users out there?

I'm trying to make the #cli tool a little easier to use on Windows and would appreciate chatting with anyone who's attempted using it on Windows. Currently, I'm working on trying to #symlink the anahita in the main directory and calling it without including php first.

I have an idea for a solution, but not sure if it'll break anything for other users ...

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