Arash Sanieyan

Arash Sanieyan

Stories sorted in a wrong date

When I go to the #dashboard, the list of #stories looks to be out of order. Here's what I see: 41 minutes ago 17 minutes ago 24 minutes ago 45 minutes ago 1 hour ago Ref # http://www.anahitapolis.com/component/discussions/topic/72022/stories-sort-order-incorrect #bugs

Unable To Post From Dashboard - Unconfirmed

Published user profile (johnd) can click on either photo or story and submit content. Unpublished user profile (janed) can click on photo or story but nothing expands to allow for content submission. Login as johnd, edit profile to set to unpublished, go to dashboard and same result as janed. #anahita2.0 #bug #dashboard #unpublished #unconfirmed REF: http://www.anahitapolis.com/component/topi...

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