Rewriting Signup, Register, Password Reset, and Invites workflows

To improve the user experience, for the Anahita 4.5 release, we will rewrite the workflows in Signup, Register, Password Reset, and Invites. The following changes will happen:

1. SIGNUP will take the user directly to their profile. Right now, the user has to click on a token link that Anahita emails to them. We implemented the token link to prevent bots from signup for an account, but now google...



Members Only Registration Invite

There is an extension by the same name. Since there is no longer an invite system, has anyone tried it with Anahita and know if it works well?

"Registration allowed by invitation. Any visitor that have the right Invitation code may register."

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  • December 02 2012
  • Anahita Lounge

Interim Invite

My apologies if this is the wrong place to post, I was unsure whether I should post it here or in the invite group.

I am creating a site that has to be #invite only, as of now the invite app is not functional in Anahita 2.* series of releases; I am at a loss how to continue with the project, does anyone have any #ideas?

The closest #Joomla extension that comes to mind is Invites by Techjoomla, ...

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