Content Filters for Hashtags, Mentions, and URLs

Today we added content filters for hashtags, mentions, and URLs. Quite likely we won't be using plyr.io for the anahita-react app, because it is processing heavy and throwing way too many errors. We are going to try the react-player library instead which has support for youtube, vimeo, soundcloud, and facebook videos. It seems to be less processing intensive too. We'll see about that. #Anahita ...
Anahita Locations - Browse View, now with addresses #ReactJS #MaterialUI

Anahita Locations Browse

Locations Browse view. This was surprisingly easy using the new HOC approach. #ReactJS #MaterialUI
Rastin Mehr

Rastin Mehr

  • May 11 2019
It's that time of the week again. Let the fun begin #Anahita #Hackathon #ReactJS #ReduxJS #MaterialUI #DesignPatterns
Allowing comments on a stream came as a design pattern challenge at first, but the 5th idea worked well which was constructing a two level comment state tree where comments are grouped by parent ids. Now this approach is working too well which means whenever a comment is added all the stories on the stream with the same set of comments get updated. That means we need to make changes to the quer...
Added react-player which supports platforms such as youtube, vimeo, soundcloud, twitch, and dailymotion. #Anahita #Hackathon #Players #ReactJS #MaterialUI #ReactPlayer

Anahita Locations Read View

Locations Read View. This was quite simple and there was already a React component for rendering the map. #ReactJS #MaterialUI

Comments in a stream

Implementing comments was a bit challenging and yet quite fun. This is the first iteration of comments with inline editing and actions. #Anahita #ReactJS #ReduxJS #MaterialUI #Comments

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