Packages will not install after update

I updated a zend 5.6 (Openshift) from Anahita 3.0.0 to 3.0.4. I could see that groups where missing, so I unlinked and re-installed all the packages again (as this has worked before on 3.0.0) and flushed cache in browser and back-end. Everything looks fine in the terminal, but the packages do not appear in the browser neither in front or back-end. Could 3.0.4 on Zend be causing this, or does an...

Deploying to Openshift

@Rastin, my pull request for #Openshift support hasn't been accepted yet.  Is there something you're waiting on to merge it?
Nick Swinford

Nick Swinford

  • August 30 2014
Just found #DigitalOcean. Looks pretty sweet and the $5/month starting plan isn't bad. Might need to see how #Anahita runs on it after getting #Openshift running smooth. #paas

Log in freeze on Openshift solved

When installing "connect" on Openshift - the Log in has been freezing in front-end. It looks like this can be solved by flushing the cache in back-end. To turn the cache off and on again, sometimes seems to be a good thing to do - if you do not know what to do :)


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