Creating the first Super Admin account from CLI

We made a small but significant change in the Anahita installation workflow. We added a site:signup command to the CLI tool so you can create the first account from the command line. 

Signing up from the user interface signup form will set the user type to registered by default. 

We first implemented this feature for our upcoming 4.6.0 release in the nohtml branch, but we decided to give you th...

Maro  Ma

Maro Ma

Twilio-Anahita Phone Signup/Sign-ins via sms code

Rastin et al

We want to implement Twilio-Anahita Phone Signup/Sign-ins via SMS code

Here is the User Story:

USER SIGNUP (Registration)

A first time user selects the Flag/Country his mobile phone number is registered in and enters his/her Mobile Phone [+Country Code Area Code Phone Number]

Twilio then sends the user a one-time passcode to his/her mobile phone via SMS. The user then enters the code ...

Rastin Mehr

Rastin Mehr

Rewriting Signup, Register, Password Reset, and Invites workflows

To improve the user experience, for the Anahita 4.5 release, we will rewrite the workflows in Signup, Register, Password Reset, and Invites. The following changes will happen:

1. SIGNUP will take the user directly to their profile. Right now, the user has to click on a token link that Anahita emails to them. We implemented the token link to prevent bots from signup for an account, but now google...

We've added a new site:signup command in #Anahita #nohtml branch which allows signing up the first user and Super Admin via the CLI. We are going to add this feature in the next maintenance release as well because it makes Anahita's installation a bit easier. #Signup

Rewriting Signup, Register, Password Reset, and Invites workflows

Suggestion - Add mobile number signup #AnahitaMobile #Signup #Mobile. These days email signup is outdated even for web application.
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