Today's focus will be finalizing the Packages implementation and tying it to the sign up workflow. #SubscriptionsApp
All the functionality of the #SubscriptionsApp has been implemented in the front-end except configurations. This is a preparation for when we will be taking out the admin back-end in Anahita 4.3. Now it is time to refactor the code and test the sign up workflows.
The #SubscriptionsApp upgrade is coming along nicely, though it has room for improvement. Initially when we developed this app it was done in a rush. I think the naming conventions can be improved. We also need to implement #Stripe systems in the future releases.
Finally made some successful transactions with Paypal sandbox after upgrading the sign up workflow. Now we can focus on other features of the app. #SubscriptionsApp
Rastin Mehr

Rastin Mehr

Reminder that Friday to Sunday are the weekly #Anahita #Hackathon days. This week's focus will be fixing bugs and continuing the development of #SubscriptionsApp. Follow the Anahita project group to get updates, help out, or work on your own Anahita project alongside.
My apologies for not announcing this week's Hackathon on Wednesday as usual. That's because last week's hackathon continued through the week. This week's focus is the Anahita 4.1.1 release and updating the #SubscriptionsApp
I'm currently working on upgrading the #SubscriptionsApp for those who wish to setup paid access to private groups and content. Follow this group to get updates about the progress http://www.getanahita.com/groups/12451-subscriptions-app-project
Good news: The Subscriptions app is being upgraded and soon will be available for the #Anahita 4.1 release #SubscriptionsApp

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