Reminder that Friday to Sunday are the weekly #Anahita #Hackathon days. This weeks focus will be the Anahita React app content parsers and tags (hashtags, locations, mentions). Follow the Anahita Project group to help out, work on your own Anahita project, or just receive updates.
Allowing comments on a stream came as a design pattern challenge at first, but the 5th idea worked well which was constructing a two level comment state tree where comments are grouped by parent ids. Now this approach is working too well which means whenever a comment is added all the stories on the stream with the same set of comments get updated. That means we need to make changes to the quer...
Rastin Mehr

Rastin Mehr

  • April 20 2019
No #Anahita #Hackathon is happening this weekend, because we've been working on a Client deadline all week. Anahita development will resume this week. We are implementing the commenting in the Anahita React.
Rastin Mehr

Rastin Mehr

I wrote an article about scaling up Anahita, moving towards a microservices architecture, and building devop tools: #Anahita #Devops #ScalingUp
Spruced up media cards and added actions #Anahita #Hackathon #ReactJS #MaterialUI
Added Notification subscribe/unsubscribe and Medium Delete actions. The design pattern for actions workflow is coming together. #Anahita #Hackathon
Looks like we found a way to have reusable actions in both browse and read views of Anahita React. It works so well that we can even have Owner Actor follow/unfollow or block/unblock on story items. Going to implement the additional actions next. The code can be made DRY, but we aren't going to do that yet. We want to see all the patterns emerge and then we'll come up with higher order function...
While implementing the tags in the React app I noticed that Anahita doesn't yet have an API to obtain the taggables, so I got down to implementing the taggables API which will be available in the next release of Anahita. Taggables are nodes that are related to a tag such as a hashtag or a location. #Anahita #Hackathon
Rastin Mehr

Rastin Mehr

  • 2 weeks ago
It's that time of the week again. Let the fun begin #Anahita #Hackathon #ReactJS #ReduxJS #MaterialUI #DesignPatterns

Comments in a stream

Implementing comments was a bit challenging and yet quite fun. This is the first iteration of comments with inline editing and actions. #Anahita #ReactJS #ReduxJS #MaterialUI #Comments
Rastin Mehr

Rastin Mehr

Anahita has passed 7000 downloads, thank you all! #Anahita

Scaling Up Anahita

People have asked us about how to scale up Anahita for hundreds of thousands or more users, also about a micro-services version of Anahita. No cloud application can by default scale up to a large number of users. Traditionally, Software-as-a-service or SAAS projects achieved this by throwing hardware and computing power at their production server. Today they use a dev-ops and release engineerin...

Spruced up story cards with array of objects or subjects #Anahita #Hackathon

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