Rob Saric

Rob Saric

Anahita rookie looking for some guidance

Hey @rastin et all, I'm in the process of using #anahita to help me experiment with a few specific use-cases around building better retail health experiences. The goal is to let health organizations have their own personalized/branded anahita experience based on specific actor IDs that are of type organization. Health consumers can follow or be invited to these organizations. These organizatio...

Anahita 4.3.12 Birth Release is out

This is a maintenance release with a number of fixes in RESTful APIs, OAuth for Twitter and facebook, and a number of improvements and cleanups in the core library. The only new features that we've added is in the Articles app. You can now upload a cover for a published article. You can see the change log for more details: 


How To...

Code in the master branch is ready to be tagged for 4.3.12 release, but I'd need you to checkout, test, and install it please. Covers code is improved. Articles can have a cover image as well as actors. #Anahita
From now on all announcements will be posted in the Atrium group as it should be. We're also going to use the Articles in Atrium group for blogging. https://www.getanahita.com/articles/@10273 We understand that the Anahita Articles has short comings compare to wordpress, but all the time invested maintaining our wordpress blog is better be invested in improving the Articles app. Our wordpress b...
I need to your opinion: In #Anahita #Locations how about we renamed the Server Key to Geocoding Key and rename Browser Key to Maps API Key? This should resolve the confusion about the different types of API keys. What do you think?
Rastin Mehr

Rastin Mehr

  • June 09 2018
Spending today to fix an #Anahita bug/implementation issue with lots of patience. Also this musician is amazing
Happy #GDPR day. Here are some notes on how we treat your data:

Happy GDPR day

Happy GDPR day! Here are some notes about how we treat your data.

Rastin Mehr

Rastin Mehr

  • May 19 2018
Best way to spend the long weekend. Let the fun begin #Anahita #Hackathon #ReactJS #ReduxJS #MaterialUI
We have a client deadline next week so it's unlikely if we do a hackathon this weekend. In case we got a chance to do a few hours of Anahita development, the focus will be actor avatar and cover upload features in #Anahita react app.
Reminder that Saturday and Sunday are our weekly #Anahita #Hackathon days. This week's focus will be testing PRs on git and working on file upload patterns in our React App. Follow the Anahita project group to get updates, help out, or work on your own project alongside.
The #Anahita 4.3.12 release is now available. We are going to put the focus back on Anahita #ReactJS app and also building our new dev-ops and release engineering tools in #Docker and #Kubernetes technologies. Expect to see more release engineering related updates during the next few months.
I suppose this would be a good start for building an Anahita Kubernetes/Docker package https://github.com/kubernetes/charts/tree/master/stable/wordpress #Kubernetes #Docker #Anahita
Reminder that Friday to Sunday are the weekly #Anahita #Hackathon days. This week's focus will be fixing issues in the #ConnectApp and refactoring some legacy vendor code all towards a new 4.3.12 release. Follow the Project group to get updates, help out, or work on your project alongside.

Rebuilding Anahita Connect app

So Anahita Connect is officially not working with both Twitter and Facebook APIs. That's because both APIs have changed a lot. Until now we've been patching forward the Anahita Connect app to keep up with the API changes, but at this point I don't think it is a wise idea. Anahita Oauth implementation needs to be redone from ground up. The Connect App has not being providing good usability, espe...

The focus is back on #Anahita 4.3.12 Birth release. Looks like our locations services need to be updated, because of recent changes by google. Facebook OAuth needs upgrading as well. We're going to remove and refactor some legacy Nooku code. This refactor will continue until all the legacy code is removed. In the mean time research on #MobileFirst UI patterns continues.
Today and tomorrow is focused on refactoring Anahita codebase and removing some legacy nooku code, studying mobile first ui patterns, implementing #MaterialUI snack bars, and studying whether we should use objects instead of arrays in our redux reducers. #Anahita
So the media browse view with notes, photos, and topics is working in the #Anahita #ReactJS app. At this point we are feeling more confident with the data flow and #ReduxJS patterns. It is time to put the focus back on the #MobileFirst design of user interfaces, because right now it is still desktop first. We also want the React containers and components to be as reusable and DRY as possible.
Friday to Sunday will be the #Anahita #Hackathon days. This week's focus will be implementing media nodes in the React App starting with photos, notes, and topics. We will also be doing some clean up in the back-end code to have a maintenance release ready. Follow the project group to get updates, help out, or work on your own project alongside.

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