Added react-player which supports platforms such as youtube, vimeo, soundcloud, twitch, and dailymotion. #Anahita #Hackathon #Players #ReactJS #MaterialUI #ReactPlayer

Content Filters for Hashtags, Mentions, and URLs

Today we added content filters for hashtags, mentions, and URLs. Quite likely we won't be using plyr.io for the anahita-react app, because it is processing heavy and throwing way too many errors. We are going to try the react-player library instead which has support for youtube, vimeo, soundcloud, and facebook videos. It seems to be less processing intensive too. We'll see about that. #Anahita ...
Rastin Mehr

Rastin Mehr

  • June 22 2019
I am taking this weekend off to celebrate Summer Solstice with friends. There won't be an #Anahita #Hackathon this weekend. #HappySummerSolstice
While implementing the tags in the React app I noticed that Anahita doesn't yet have an API to obtain the taggables, so I got down to implementing the taggables API which will be available in the next release of Anahita. Taggables are nodes that are related to a tag such as a hashtag or a location. #Anahita #Hackathon
Rastin Mehr

Rastin Mehr

  • May 11 2019
It's that time of the week again. Let the fun begin #Anahita #Hackathon #ReactJS #ReduxJS #MaterialUI #DesignPatterns

Comments in a stream

Implementing comments was a bit challenging and yet quite fun. This is the first iteration of comments with inline editing and actions. #Anahita #ReactJS #ReduxJS #MaterialUI #Comments
Jay Shinde

Jay Shinde

  • 2 weeks ago
Hi all, I’m the CEO and co-founder of Crosscope (https://www.crosscope.com/). We are all in one AI-powered digital pathology engagement platform to share, archive and solve medical cases in real time. We have built our collaboration platform for physicians on the Anahita Social Engine. We absolutely love Anahita and I highly recommend this. We are big fans of the open source community an...
Going to try the react player library this weekend for Anahita. I think it would be a more suitable option than plyr.io https://www.npmjs.com/package/react-player #Anahita #Hackathon #ReactJS #Players

An example of Hashtag view in Anahita React app

This is the first iteration of Hashtag Read view with the list of taggables. We also made improvements to the API and how the taggables JSON being constructed. The new changes will be in the next release of Anahita. #Anahita #Hackathon #Tags #Taggables #ReactJS #ReduxJS
Reminder that Friday to Sunday are the weekly #Anahita #Hackathon days. This weeks focus will be the Anahita React app content parsers and tags (hashtags, locations, mentions). Follow the Anahita Project group to help out, work on your own Anahita project, or just receive updates.
Allowing comments on a stream came as a design pattern challenge at first, but the 5th idea worked well which was constructing a two level comment state tree where comments are grouped by parent ids. Now this approach is working too well which means whenever a comment is added all the stories on the stream with the same set of comments get updated. That means we need to make changes to the quer...

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