If you have been watching the #AnahitaReact repo, I have been updating all the class components to use React Hooks instead. It uses way less code and leads to faster UI rendering too. #Anahita #Hackathon

Anahita's frontend React App - Setup on LocalHost and GetAnhita.com

Hello,I did setup of Anahita React App today. Can I connect my local Anahita React App setup to GetAnahita.com ?Please tell me where I need to configure ?I fount at 2 places... ONE - registerServiceWorker.js and SECOND - src/api/index.js - axios.defaults.baseURLBut I am not able to login #AnahitaReact #ReactJS

See the progression of Anahita React app in this photo set. It has come a long way https://www.getanahita.com/photos/sets/164820-anahita-react #AnahitaReact

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