Apoorv Singh

Apoorv Singh

Bugs 4.1.4 Birth Release

4.1.4 Birth Release, quite buggy so far.. :(

Here is the list of bugs I am reporting for our records including some major features broken.


- Remove escape from desc - Broken

- We couldn't register you. Please make sure that all the fields are filled out correctly. When registering new user.

- Undefined variable: highlight in anahita/www/components/com_actors/views/actors/html/modal.php on lin...

Bart Mertens | Hospitality Consultancy

Bart Mertens | Hospitality Consultancy

  • September 18 2013

Subscription app :Exception RuntimeException with message "Payment process error"

When trying to pay with creditcard I get this error. I can't try paypal with my own credit card, paypal seems to prohibit this. I will open a sandbox to test later. @Rastin When using paypal on GetAnahita I get permission denied error. Can you confirm this? #bugs

Cleanup Manifest files

Since moving to CLI installation we don't need legacy Joomla manifest file information such as files, languages and media tags. @rastin #bugs
Arash Sanieyan

Arash Sanieyan

Potential name conflict in the LibBaseDomainBehaviorPortraitable

The name generated in the LibBaseDomainBehaviorPortraitable uses time for a name. This could cause potential name conflict between two photos uploaded at the same time. REF http://www.anahitapolis.com/component/topics/topic/105626/bug-libbasedomainbehaviorportraitable-and-file-names #bugs

Unable To Post From Dashboard - Unconfirmed

Published user profile (johnd) can click on either photo or story and submit content. Unpublished user profile (janed) can click on photo or story but nothing expands to allow for content submission. Login as johnd, edit profile to set to unpublished, go to dashboard and same result as janed. #anahita2.0 #bug #dashboard #unpublished #unconfirmed REF: http://www.anahitapolis.com/component/topi...

Mediabox not working after photo upload via composer

When a photo is uploaded via the composer and it is clicked on, the image doesn't open via the mediabox viewer and instead the page redirects to the image file directly. #bug #2.0 #embryo #photos #composer #mediabox #ash #bugs
Rastin Mehr

Rastin Mehr

  • September 10 2014
Reminder that Friday and Saturday are the weekly #Anahita #Hackathon days. This week's focus will be fixing #bugs and removing the legacy #Joomla menu manager.
Bart Mertens | Hospitality Consultancy

Bart Mertens | Hospitality Consultancy

  • August 27 2013

Clean up the stream

With each comment a new story is created in the social stream. Older stories should be deleted (server side) or at least hidden (client side). #bugs
Arash Sanieyan

Arash Sanieyan

Unexecutable code block in Admin controller

Block of code in ComBaseControllerService::_actionPost() defined in administrator/components/com_base/controllers/service.php has a code which would never execute REF http://www.GetAnahita.com/topics/105228 #bugs

Legacy Code in Abstract Template

On line 399 LibBaseTemplateAbstract there's a legacy check to loadFile using identifier. This should be removed Refer http://www.anahitapolis.com/component/topics/topic/87817/error-line-399 #bugs

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