Improve the Composer

Show wait animation when something is being posted and close the composer once the item shows up in the feed. #uex #composer
Rastin Mehr

Rastin Mehr

  • November 07 2014
Oh #wordpress you could also start using #composer and #git rather than ftp and zip packages
Rastin Mehr

Rastin Mehr

Can't post a photo from the Composer

The recent changes to the #composer has introduced a #bug

Note place holder isn't responding on an actor profile

On an actor profile clicking on the Note place holder fails to open it. #bug #anahita #composer

It is possible to enter a blank story

by entering html tags. They get stripped out and the blank story is created. #bug #anahita #notes #composer

Composer Bug

@james "Hi guys, I just uploaded a photo to explain an issue with the menu in the backend for the extend menu, where by the apps are not displaying. When I went onto my profile and clicked on photo on the composer it opened up, then I clicked on browse for my photo and then I clicked open on my windows vista pc and the composer closed itself up again. What this ment was I had to click on photo ...
Arash Sanieyan

Arash Sanieyan

  • March 11 2012
Ok Time to hit the bed. Good progress on the #composer branch. Going to continue development tomorrow.

Composer & self-update

Must #composer be installed and kept updated with #self-update on both the local machine as well as on the remote server?

Rastin Mehr

Rastin Mehr

composer create-project doesn't create the anahita file

I was trying to install Anahita on a Rackspace Ubunto/Apache server, but the command composer create-project didn't create the anahita file and as a result I wasn't able to proceed with the anahita specific composer commands. #anahita #composer #installation #rackspace #ubunto #apache

Mediabox not working after photo upload via composer

When a photo is uploaded via the composer and it is clicked on, the image doesn't open via the mediabox viewer and instead the page redirects to the image file directly. #bug #2.0 #embryo #photos #composer #mediabox #ash #bugs

Disable Collapse form while photo upload composer is busy

While the photo upload composer is busy uploading, if we click outside the form collapses with the animation still showing on the top. Perhaps we should disable the collapse feature while a form is in use. #2.0 #bug #windows #embryo #composer #photos #embryo #release

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