Rastin Mehr

Rastin Mehr

Will there be a Private Messaging for Anahita?

Many have been asking this question from us. The answer is:

Yes there will be the ability to post a message on a person's profile where only the Author and the message's new Owner(s) can see it. We will be implementing that for the upcoming releases.

I don't think we will be developing any social apps that mimics the behaviour of a desktop mail application. It is quite possible to do that in ...

Private Message System - Essential

I propose that a Private Message system is essential for Anahita. If it is to be made as a social app, that is fine.. but it is never-the-less essential, and I believe it should be made by the Anahita team because so many other apps are going to want/need to hook into it.

I was thinking about the social apps that I would want to see developed and have realized that they will all need to be pa...

Nick Balestra

nick balestra

ohanah event engine

Hello Everybody,

as beyounic we are starting working on an event platform for the Anahita Social Engine, using the Social Engine will allow the event manager system to be able to handle social features out of the box that are anyway needed in such a system like attendee and their own profiles, or updates trough the activity stream. In the node-graph-stories design the system will act as an Ac...

Pavel Kulbakin

Pavel Kulbakin

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My project with Content items - social engine relationship

Hi guys.

Here\'s something from my project\'s viewpoint. Any help/suggestions greatly appreciated. Please move this to the appropriate section:

The site is a social storytelling website. It has the news/docu style content and it has the people who interact with each other around the content.

Content can be text, images, audio, video based or a combination. Content can be in multiple language...

Myles Orme

Myles Orme

Using Lists with LFM to limit exposure

Most people I know on facebook have lists of friends and they publish status updates to these different lists, and announce their presence online selectively.

You don't want your Mum knowing everything you are doing.

Any equivalent?

Edit: I've changed the title - having attempted to re-phrase and get to the heart of what I am thinking about - and now I've deleted the post that intended to ex...



Questions on: level of difficulty, interface, documentation and privileges.

Hi there! Just some quick questions:

1- Unfortunately I have no real coding abilities so I was wondering how hard is to setup and maintain Anahita. A while ago I came across a post that said something similar to “ Anahita is a made by developers for developers” and not really something for the inexperienced users. Is something changed on that regard? If not, will it ever? There are competito...

Rastin Mehr

Rastin Mehr

Anahita Social Engine ™ 0.9.4

Hello, good news Ash and I pulled off a 17 hours to fix the issues and update the demo site with the new Anahita 0.9.4 codebase. As you have noticed a lot of the user interface and user experience concepts are the same however the codebase has been rewritten from ground up following the Nodes+Graphs+Stories architecture and a Domain Driven Design which makes it possible to develop all kinds of ...

Great App Idea

I have a great idea for Anahita's Application. Everyone knows Facebook-Connect. You click on a facebook-button, a window opens and asks you if you want to sign'in via your facebook-data. You guys from Anahitapolis are already developing the facebook-connect app.

But what about Anahita'Connect? ^^ Imagine 'I' run 2 sites and both have Anahita installed. We call Site 1 www.anahita1.com and S...

Anahita Social ™ Invites

We have installed our first implementation of Anahita Social ™ Invites. You can all each invite up to 3 people max to this website which will be soon merged with the main Anahitapolis website.

If anybody you know in your social circle who might be interested in the Anahita project you can now invite them here. We trust you that all the people that you will be inviting are all as wonderful as...

Ankush Dhiman

Ankush Dhiman

Some questions for you !

1. I am not from a IT background however I have more than average knowledge of computers, internet etc. so will I be able to use Anahita to create a social networking site? 2. Can I post various advertisements on my social networking website which I will create using Anahita ? 3. Does Anahita includes any chat tool like the one we have in facebook and orkut ? 4. Do you have any recommende...



Estimated release dates and prices?

I know that probably these are questions that can’t have a precise answer, bust still I would like to ask:

1- Is there a scheduled date for the public release of Anahita (I’m well aware that in developing software dates are always estimated and will most likely be postponed, but just to have an idea)? 2- Do you already know how much the Anahita’s modules will cost (photos, discussions, ect,...

They Seem To Think...

Over on the Joomla forum, they seem to think you've changed your mind about releasing a free public version of Anahita this month. And, looking around the website it does seem that way.

I realize you're still working on the website, still working on Anahita, and I think you're possibly still trying to figure out how you're going to package it and market it.

#anahita #social #development

Just Looking

Is this the new discussion extension you guys have talked about? #anahita #social #development



Some general questions - Edited

Hi there,

I have been a member for the past couple of months, and like the way that things are progressing (if only a bit quicker ;).

My question is related to features that are planned. I know that there might be other posts covering some of the issues that I am going to raise, I would appreciate if they can be answered either way (it will give me a clearer picture).

The current project tha...

Rastin Mehr

Rastin Mehr

Anahita Social Discussions Now Does Stories

Anytime we start a new topic, it will also create a story in our activity feed for people to see. Here is an example. #anahita #social #development

IE optimization

i am browsing the demo right now on IE 7.0 and i don\'t notice many errors as some times ago...i know Ash was going to work onthe IE optimazion, so well done. #anahita #social #development

Rastin Mehr

Rastin Mehr

What does "Reusable Folksonomy API" mean?

A questions was asked that what does reusable folksonomy mean on the Anahita project roadmap

The Anahita Social Engine ™ reusable folksonomy API allows developers to easily add tagging feature to their social apps. Let's say if you are developing a blog, you can use this API to add tagging functionality to your blog posts and it would work seamlessly with the rest of your Anahita installation....

Cheezburger API as an Add-On Extension?

Icanhazcheezburger.com has all the information on making a Cheezburger application. Here\'s the link for the developers\' site: http://cheezburger.com/apidocs/Default.aspx

I never could figure out why people wanted the Facebook app. But I do want this one, because I think it would help bring in traffic to the site. It\'s an activity that users can do.

I\'m even thinking of asking them ...

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