Rastin Mehr

Rastin Mehr

  • March 28 2017
Medium #Editor https://yabwe.github.io/medium-editor/ Not affiliated with Medium.com just fans
We now have rich text #editor in topics and pages composers
So any node that uses the editor will wrap the lines in p tags. All the content plugin regex needed to be updated to function properly with or without them. For the other nodes that use plain textarea, the newlines will be replaced with br tags while rendering. This way we will no longer need to use the p tag content plugin for all the nodes and that should give us a slight performance boost to...
Rastin Mehr

Rastin Mehr

Use JQuery Editors

Custom editor implementation for Anahita #JQuery #Editor @rastin
Rastin Mehr

Rastin Mehr

  • September 04 2014
I really like the fullscreen mode in the #Wordpress visual #editor

H1 to H6 tags are not provided by the editor.

and also seems like they get stripped out when saving a text medium. Please test with topics, pages, and todos. #2.0 #embryo #editor #bugs
The new lightweight #HTML5 #editor in Anahita
And all of a sudden we have a custom #html5 #editor
and the work on implementing and incorporating a new #html5 #editor continues #hackathon

html control symbols are not escape when output

@Taylor Wilson reports "I created a topic containing angle brackets in text using `Visual` mode of editor, though when comment is rendered angle brackets are output as they are resulting in broken layout." http://www.anahitapolis.com/topics/116610-bug-html-control-symbols-are-not-escape-when-output #bug #editor

Switching back to visual editor doesn't seem to work

in the editor switching to html mode works, but then we can't switch back to the visual mode and clicking results into no actions. #1.6 #2.0 #editor #bug #bugs

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