Remove administration back-end

In version 4.3 all administration will be happening in the front-end. Before removing the admin back-end: 1. implement com_settings https://www.getanahita.com/todos/155398-implement-com_settings 2. restructure files so those who were conventionally kept on the admin side will now be moved to the front. All the Anahita installation workflows need to recognize this change 3. remove admin back-...
Rastin Mehr

Rastin Mehr

add return url support to the tokenLogin

so we can redirect the user to a specific page after tokenLogin #feature

Store list of associated actor ids as meta data

Just for now until later that we create graphs amongst packages and actors. #feature

Hashtag Browse View

With Top and Trending sorting #feature

Separate stories and notifications from the nodes table

Technically they are not nodes; they are pointers to nodes. They need to be moved to their own table(s) and make necessary changes to the code to accommodate that. #feature version: 4.3

Implement com_settings

This component contains mvc triads for the configurations, apps, plugins, templates, and languages #feature #nojoomla version: 4.3

Rename com_html to com_pages

after com_pages is converted to com_articles #feature #pages

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