Make hashtags and locations searchable

We would want to show the relevant hashtags or locations for a keyword query. This could be incorporated in the main query or a separate call to the server on the side. #hashtags #locations
Rastin Mehr

Rastin Mehr

  • July 03 2015
  • Learn Media App Development

Lesson 1: what is a media app?

Social media is a category of social networks where people publish media for their followers. The types of media are often notes, links, articles, photos, videos, and sound files.

Social media isn't the same as content management systems or web 2.0 apps. In a CMS, admins and editors decide:

  1. what they publish
  2. how they present the content
  3. where they present the content
  4. who has permissions to publish c...

Unknown Person

Unable to use hashtags on a fresh install

Hi everyone,

I have just installed anahita on a personal server (first time). So far, everything seems to work except #hashtags. I can't use them. For example, if I try to create a hashtag in a note, the hashtag is not linkable. In fact, i don't know if a hashtag is really created. Is there a specific package to install or a plugin to activate hashtags ? I haven't seen any specific error in th...

No #hashtags only work in the body of the nodes, because all nodes have bodies. It's ok if they don't always display in the feed.

Deploying to Openshift

Great! Thanks, Rastin! PS: I am loving the #hashtags!!
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Rastin Mehr

Rastin Mehr

We have just updated Anahitapolis with version 4.0 #embryo release and as you can see we know have #hashtags. You can also see the trending hashtags on your dashboard. In 24 hours they will show the correct trending hashtags. We also have a slightly improved search view. Please make sure to clear your browser caches.

Remove Todolists

Make todos directly assignable to the milestones. Both todos and milestones are now hashtagable and there is no need to categorize todos in lists anymore. #todos #hashtags

Improve the Hashtag browse service for scopes and actors

so we can obtain the recent and trending #hashtags within a scope or actor profile.

Update the installation script file

so we can do fresh installs and test the #hashtags

Adding Hashtagable, Mentionable to nodes

I've added the hashtagable and mentionable behaviors to a custom node and the matching controller and it seems to be working when I use #hashtags or mentions. At least, the nodes and edges seem to be create in the database. When I go to the dashboard, I can see the #hashtags in the Trending. I'm just having a small problem with each.

With the mentions, there doesn't seem to be any kind of notifi...

Rastin Mehr

Rastin Mehr

  • August 20 2014
Reminder that this Friday and Saturday are the weekly #Anahita #hackathon days. This week's focus will be the implementation of the group invites #ActorInvites as well as further polishing of the #mentions and #hashtags. Follow the Anahita Project group to receive updates.

Trending Hashtags

Any chance those trending links could work as filters for the streams? What about followable #hashtags?
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Brace yourself! a big merge is coming and there may be bugs. This merge will initiate the Anahita 4.0 embryo codebase and provide #hashtags and improved #search usability as well as some core improvements. A lengthy migration has to happen on our database which may take up to a couple of hours. We've ran this migration over and over again during the past few weeks so hopefully things will proce...

Trending Hashtags

Well since the data has just been migrated #Anahita thinks that these #hashtags are trending, but as time passes the most common hashtags in the past N days are displayed. By default N = 1, but you can pass days=7 in the url if you want to.

Method to parse hashtags in the node bodies

we really don't need to use the #contentfilter plugin to parse #hashtags. That way we can render hashtags in the actor descriptions too.

Unknown Person

Thanks for the great work at Anahita. I was wondering if #HashTags functionality has been completed?
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