Please how to create html sections on anahita 4.1

There are some examples included in the Shiraz template that you can adopt in your custom template. https://github.com/anahitasocial/anahita/tree/master/src/site/templates/shiraz/html/com_html/content The static pages are simple php pages which means you have full control to code them in html, javascript, css, and php. They also give you complete access to the Anahita API so you can make...
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Remove HTML support for the following nodes

Comments and all medium nodes except topics, todos, and pages. #html #comments #MediumNodes
David Hegner

David Hegner

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I am the Founder at One Touch Media, a mobile application development company. My primary focus is currently on fitness related mobile startups, though I've done a fair amount of development in education and entertainment as well. #mobile #developer #hackerpreneur #iOS #android #php #mysql #apache #linux #serveradministrator #html #CSS #objective-c #java #javascript

No HTML migration

Write #migration queries for the nodes that don't support #html code.
Rajkumar Mundel

Rajkumar Mundel

Tutorial 1: Create HTML Pages

Hello Tribe,

Today I am going to teach "how to create HTML pages" in Anahita.

Subject: Without drop down

Step 1: Login to Amdin. Step 2: Click Menus- Main Menu Step 3: Click New-Html-Content Step 4: Enter Title as Lets Ride, Alias as letsride, Parameters-Basic-Page as letsride. Step 5: Click on Save. Step 6: Create letsride.php under path ../www/templates/shiraz/html/com_html/content Step 7: P...

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