Rastin Mehr

Rastin Mehr

Migration to find and remove duplicate edges and enforce a unique key

This is the possible cause for the following bug: https://www.getanahita.com/todos/153629-notification-subscription-isn-t-working 1. Write a migration that finds and deletes duplicate queries 2. add a unique key for type,node_a_id,node_a_type,node_b_id,node_b_type to the edges table. 3. Apply those to the installation queries as well 4. edge entity must check for existence of an existin...

No HTML migration

Write #migration queries for the nodes that don't support #html code.
Looks like after some optimization and refinements I managed to reduce the #hashtag #migration script to run in less than 1 hour rather than 10 hours. Now I feel much better about it.

P tag migration

Migration to add p tags to pages and topics nodes. #migration
Rastin Mehr

Rastin Mehr

Rename the hashtag edge from Association to Tag

From ComHashtagsDomainEntityAssociation to ComHashtagsDomainEntityTag and write a migration for it. #hashtag #migration

Review Anahita hashtags migration script

and optimize if needed before merging with the master branch #anahita #hashtag #migration


How about integrating Anahita community with existing wordpress blog/site

Hi @Rastin. Would you be able to provide any details about anahita #blog for 1.7 and what we can expect from the #migration tool for #wordpress?  Also, how will it handle comments from wordpress and also the members?

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