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Eugene Tizon

Eugene Tizon

Joomla to Nooku

Have read you blog regarding future plan to shift from Joomla to Nooku server. Will it be easy to migrate the site from Joomla to Nooku if we plan to start the project today using the Anahita Birth Release? Please enlighten. #anahita #social #networking #engine

Busting 5 Myths About Anahita™

1. Anahita is not finished yet.

The birth release of Anahita (stable) was made available on January, however Anahita will never be finished, because it is an open ended project.

For a software project, "finished" is another word for "as good as dead". That means the project is no longer capable of growing, evolving, and keeping up with the changes in the ecosystem.

By not being finished ye...

Usernames & Profile URL's

1) Do you plan on sticking with username vs email address for login?

2) Are you planning on nice URL's for profiles example:


instead of


I think this is very important for profile centric social communities, especially if you are hoping that people will use their profiles to promote them...

Thomas Sechak

Thomas Sechak

Pre Purchase Question

Pre Purchase Question

I would like to run past you what I am intending to achieve, to find out if Anahita is a good way to go. If you think Anahita is a good fit then I will purchase a Premium account.

First of all I would not call myself a coder but I am a quick learner. I have worked with many sites for many years with a fair bit of database experience as well. That being said I want to b...

Rastin Mehr

Rastin Mehr

What is offered in the Anahita Social Engine ™ stand alone

A while ago @Cyndy and @Megan asked this question and unfortunately the topic got deleted by accident (/me ask for confirmation before deleting)

To simplify the answer in the Anahita 0.9.4 (existing demo) take Photos and Discussions out, and what's left is the Anahita Social Engine. Anahita Social Engine is also accompanied by the Anahita framework - available as a plugin - which provides all ...

We Want " Anahita " Persian :)

hi to all :) we want to use the Anahita Persian version,For this purpose,we are ready to pay the costs it, please get help in this area. Mercy dear admins . #anahita #social #networking #engine

James Imani

James Imani

Pre-Sales Questions

I want to make steps towards Signing In but have a few final questions.

1)I have no problem to read, write and change (and sometimes extend)codes like HTML, CSS, PHP and javascripts. But sometimes I have my limits. So, from which developer-skills are we talking about which is prefered for Anahita? Hardcore?

2)I was able to run/build in Anahita Alpha 1 with alot of 3.Party templates. A lot o...

Zhuo Song

Zhuo Song

Something about customized Actor Nodes

Under some conditions (specific-defined), if actor nodes B and C want to have the common leader A, is it possible to require (by system, not by A) that there is no connections (L/F/M) between B and C.

Thanks, #anahita #social #networking #engine

Helio Alves

Helio Alves

Where to get more info about Anahita and its capabilities?

Hi guys,

I'd like to know where could I get more info about what Anahita can or can not do at this moment. Is it a good idea to use Anahita to power a social network at this stage? What are the apps that have been developed at this stage, is there a list?

Do you guys have an idea of when Anahita will be released to public?

Thank you very much #anahita #social #networking #engine

Anahita the alpha girl in the social networking universe

Hello Anahitapolis community!

You can now download your own copy of the Anahita Social Engine 1.0 alpha 1 codename White Angelica from the Anahitapolis:

Download Page: Anahita Social Engine ™ 1.0

Blog Announcement: Anahita the alpha girl in the social networking universe

May the code be with you, so say we all!

:) #anahita #social #networking #engine


Pre Premium Questions

Hi... I've trawled and found some of the answers to my questions, some I cant find and any have been discussed but appologise for any duplication. I also note in many instances you give vague answers, Understandably giving timescales then leads to people quoting those. BUT I have certain features I cant move ahead on as my community is already live. So i'd appreciate a ballpark arrival on these...

Bunthan Say

White Label? The true one.

Recently, I read through some articles while highlighted the concern of hacking the site when the hackers know the source of the engine of the site. It could be true that knowing the source could lead to possibly open harm of the site. So far, I don't know whether anahita has concerned about this. With true white label, it could help a lot. Does Anahita social engine is going to have its white ...

George Hill

Upgrade to anahita-

I'm having difficulty upgrading from Anahita 1.5.1 to 1.5.2 Some sort of directory/file permissions issue, perhaps? I get the error message "-1 - An error has occurred. It is not possible to copy the selected file." when I try to install the upgrade package via Joomla Admin #anahita #social #networking #engine

Content delivery - can you help me understand how Anihata works with CMS?

OK, so I think I am starting to understand the social engine framework of Anahita, I get that it's not a Joomla extension but it has borrowed the web structure of Joomla, and so forth.

Now I am wondering how this can all work with content delivery. A huge part of my social site is delivering educational and helpful content to the community in the form of articles, links to outside resources, e...



please think about a good solution to run Mootools without any problems with the comming Anahita Alpha 2 Version.

I tested Anahita with Joomlart Themes and their Menu-Mootools doesn't work anymore. I recognized the code in your Anahita with Mootools 1.1 and activitated that but I realized no changes.

#anahita #social #networking #engine

Myles Orme

Myles Orme

Integration with civiCRM (or Anahita to Joomla user syncing)

Has anyone attempted this?

I was drawn to Anahitapolis because we are looking to develop a social networking site - we currently use Drupal for a community site based around organic groups.

Frankly it has never really taken off - fine for our internal team, but not really engaging our wider community. Not only that but our understanding has grown and we could provide lots of useful functional...

Ravi Kiran

Ravi Kiran

How about integrating Anahita community with existing wordpress blog/site

How easy it is to integrate Anahita with an exsisting wordpress blog/site. I would not like to disturb the existing site as it is working well in wordpress. Would you suggest integrating it with anahita or with something like buddypress? #anahita #social #networking #engine

Scott Crawford

Scott Crawford

General site layout & module placement

I wasn't able to locate a topic covering this so thought best to start a new one: How flexible is the overall layout with respect to the various social component modules?

If, for example, I wanted to re-arrange the layout of the Group pages, say changing from a 2/6/4 layout with modules down the right side to perhaps a tabbed 2/10 where social graph, discussions, photos for the group each have...

Unknown Person

Can Anahita do this? Private Communities with sub groups?

Hi all, I would like to have a site that allows an organization to setup a community. The admin for the org would pay a subscription fee but the members of the org's community would not.

There could be multiple communities and non of them see each other.

There could be multiple sub groups created by the community (some private to only the members of the subgroup and some public viewable to...

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