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Possible bug 'Like' button

When clicking on a #notification from my profile page or from email, I don't see the like button. Only after I comment on that note the 'like' button appears on my comment, yet not on the original note. This has only occurred in the last twenty-four hours.

Rastin Mehr

Rastin Mehr

Base node story and notification template

A lot of the story and notification templates are similar so there is no point in repeating them in different apps. It would be better to use a simple base template while having the option of adding custom ones at the application or site template level. #story #notification #template

Notification emails should contain links for changing the notification settings

still undecided on what the best practice might be since multiple actions can be done: unfollow a medium, unfollow the actor, or stop receiving notifications from an actor. #feature #anahita #notification @rastin
Rastin Mehr

Rastin Mehr

There was good progress in the implementation of #mentions and now they work in media nodes and comments. We however need to implement #notification layouts for the mentions in each app and perhaps there is a smarter way that we can reuse a single layout for that purpose. Once we work that out, we should be able to merge and update Anahitapolis.


Bug report - notification missing title

Something that I noticed since the 21st (of August), when I receive a #notification (of a topic) the title of the topic is no longer in the subject line of the email; for example person started a topic VS previously it would have been person started topic xyz.

Also for posting of a #note, the email subject is that person x posted a note vs previously the subject would also contain where it was ...

Redirect to the viewer's profile after following a person

Person A follows me, in the notification email I click on view Person A's profile and then I follow her on her profile. I get redirected to my own profile rather than the Person A's profile. #1.6 #2.0 #embryo #bug #notification #socialgraph #bugs

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