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Anahita Installation Troubles

Hi there,

Over the past couple of weeks I've attempted to get an instance of Anahita running on my server with no luck. I'm hoping someone has had a similar issue and can recommend a potential course of action.First, some background on what I have tried. I’ve followed the instructions on the github readme, both using the birth and embryo releases. I’ve also tried using both PHP7.0 and PHP5.6 for...

Modifying Template Settings Questions

@sjohnson try chown -R www-data:www-data for changing the #permissions

Who can?

I haven't tried the scenario that you have in mind, but a place to start would be the domain/authorizers in the components. You can start from here: https://github.com/anahitasocial/anahita/tree/master/src/site/components/com_medium/domains/authorizers #permissions #authorizers

Admins and Super Admins cannot see unpublished pages of other members

if a member created a page that was not published, I couldn't see it. If they created a page that was publish to themselves only, I couldn't see it. If they created a page and published it to only followers, and I was not following them, I still couldn't see it. #bug #1.0 #privacy #permissions #branch

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