How to upload photo with a caption from anahita React

Dear Rastin,

I was working on a mobile app with reactjs + ionic frame work using th e anahita as back-end service.

Here i have built an interface to capture a photo with camera . now i need to upload it to back-end, which service API can i use to upload the photo.

Could you please help me on this

Thanks In Advance

#photos #upload #ReactJS



Bug report - notification missing title

Something that I noticed since the 21st (of August), when I receive a #notification (of a topic) the title of the topic is no longer in the subject line of the email; for example person started a topic VS previously it would have been person started topic xyz.

Also for posting of a #note, the email subject is that person x posted a note vs previously the subject would also contain where it was ...

Mediabox not working after photo upload via composer

When a photo is uploaded via the composer and it is clicked on, the image doesn't open via the mediabox viewer and instead the page redirects to the image file directly. #bug #2.0 #embryo #photos #composer #mediabox #ash #bugs


  • June 17 2012

Unable To Delete Photos

click on a group and then click on a photo from a set you can change title, description and unfollow photo using the gear icon as the person that uploaded the photo, there is no way to delete the photo #bug #photos #group #anahita2.0 #delete

Not able to change Avatar ( Profile snap) + Photo app


After 3.0 RC installed on local, Avatar( profile pic) is not working.

I try to figure it out and found that assets folder is missing. I tried to create manually also but no success. I check admin setting for plugin Local Storage( which call local.php) which seems to be good to me.

Looks like issue is in when we call local.php.

@Rastin, Could you please suggest us patch for this. Because...

Some high priority bugs in the #Photos #App are fixed. Please test and if there are any issues, let us know. We have also made the file names a bit more secure so they cannot be guessed and reconstructed from the node URL.

Adding photos to a set after multiple upload lands on an error page

Photos did get added to the set, but the page did not redirect to the set read view. #photos #app #set #bug


  • July 08 2012

Don't have permission to comment

If a member with a public profile adds a photo it works fine. Once the profile or photo permission is changed, the permission is not reflected and everyone sees the 'Don't have permission to comment' message. #anahita2.0 #bug #permission #photos


  • June 11 2012

Fatal error: Class ComAppsDomainModelApp

My first install of anahita_2.0.0.14626 Found a #fatal error when clicking on topics (anahitatopics_2.0.0.14527 + anahitaphotos_2.0.0.14620) from administrator side Fatal error: Class 'ComAppsDomainModelApp' not found in /public_html/administrator/components/com_apps/controllers/app.php on line 77 #anahita2.0 #topics #photos

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