Not able to change Avatar ( Profile snap) + Photo app


After 3.0 RC installed on local, Avatar( profile pic) is not working.

I try to figure it out and found that assets folder is missing. I tried to create manually also but no success. I check admin setting for plugin Local Storage( which call local.php) which seems to be good to me.

Looks like issue is in when we call local.php.

@Rastin, Could you please suggest us patch for this. Because...



Bug report - notification missing title

Something that I noticed since the 21st (of August), when I receive a #notification (of a topic) the title of the topic is no longer in the subject line of the email; for example person started a topic VS previously it would have been person started topic xyz.

Also for posting of a #note, the email subject is that person x posted a note vs previously the subject would also contain where it was ...

Some high priority bugs in the #Photos #App are fixed. Please test and if there are any issues, let us know. We have also made the file names a bit more secure so they cannot be guessed and reconstructed from the node URL.

Composer Bug

@james "Hi guys, I just uploaded a photo to explain an issue with the menu in the backend for the extend menu, where by the apps are not displaying. When I went onto my profile and clicked on photo on the composer it opened up, then I clicked on browse for my photo and then I clicked open on my windows vista pc and the composer closed itself up again. What this ment was I had to click on photo ...

Action "Remove photos" from an Album isn't working

Clicking on the thumbnails take the user to the read view rather than highlighting the thumbnail. #1.6 #2.0 #bug #kservice #photos #embryo #release

Photo Uploader isn't working

Photos do get uploaded but the uploader hangs and animiation is keep going. Probably a url Route issue. #1.6 #2.0 #photos #kservice #bug #embryo #reported #bugs

Editable fields are not displaying the existing value

in Anahita Photos for example existing titles and description fields are hidden as if they have never been created. #2.0 #embryo #photos #bugs

Mediabox not working after photo upload via composer

When a photo is uploaded via the composer and it is clicked on, the image doesn't open via the mediabox viewer and instead the page redirects to the image file directly. #bug #2.0 #embryo #photos #composer #mediabox #ash #bugs

How to upload photo with a caption from anahita React

Dear Rastin,

I was working on a mobile app with reactjs + ionic frame work using th e anahita as back-end service.

Here i have built an interface to capture a photo with camera . now i need to upload it to back-end, which service API can i use to upload the photo.

Could you please help me on this

Thanks In Advance

#photos #upload #ReactJS

Disable Collapse form while photo upload composer is busy

While the photo upload composer is busy uploading, if we click outside the form collapses with the animation still showing on the top. Perhaps we should disable the collapse feature while a form is in use. #2.0 #bug #windows #embryo #composer #photos #embryo #release

The drags on "Change Album Cover" are not done right

When the Change album cover is on, user can click on all and clones of the thumbnails are created for every thumbnail. That's not good. If the cancel or Done buttons are clicked, the clones still stay there. The javascript method has to be rewritten and improved. Perhaps it would be better if the viewer has edit permissions they'd be able to to drag and drop the thumbnails on the cover or a tra...

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