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Hi Rastin,

I'm working on the sparq project and have been delegated to adjust the onboarding process to reflect our needs. Is there any documentation on this process which I can reference while working? Or is this something that I will need to discuss with you to learn about? 

Preferable I would be able to learn about this and other topics without taking your time. 


Jerdon Helgeson


Rastin Mehr

Rastin Mehr

Updating your custom extensions for Anahita 4.3

As you know we have removed all the Joomla code from Anahita in the 4.3 release and if you have any custom extensions (apps, components, plugins, templates) they need to be updated first before you can update your Anahita installations. 

We no longer have an administration back-end in Anahita. Instead we have added a com_settings component which is where all the app and site configuration is ha...

We now have a #gist content #plugin for sharing code snippets using gist.github.com and the support for the code tag will be discontinued in the next release. That was one of the main reasons that our UIs were breaking.
Rastin Mehr

Rastin Mehr

Wrong output for the empty open social fields

The empty open social fields should not display, instead an empty textarea field outputs "textarea", "inputfield" or "["Yes","No","Heavily","Occasionally","Quit","Quiting","Regular" #bug #1.6 #2.0 #arash #plugin #opensocial #bugs
Scott Crawford

Scott Crawford

User registration plugin

I'm trying this week to refactor a legacy registration plugin to be compliant with the 4.3.3 codebase; it had relied a bit on Joomla mainframe & other Joomla syntax.  Few questions:

  1. The plugin validations need to be performed prior to allowing the user to register, so is this best implemented as a 'system' plugin or a 'user' plugin ?
  2.  I see in the system/anahita.php plugin PlgAnahitaDefault clas...

Nick Swinford

Nick Swinford

jQuery Plugins vs Widgets

I've been googling this for the last couple weeks, but I haven't really found an explanation yet. What's the real benefit of using widgets over plugins? I know they're suppose to be stateful, but what can they do that a plugin can't?

Thanks for any input.

#JQuery #Widget #Plugin

Arash Sanieyan

Arash Sanieyan

Add checkboxes for the opensocial field

Add plugin parameters for the opensocial plugin to include/exclude fields #rastin #feature #1.6 #2.0 #plugin #opensocial #features

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