Bug during registration of admin

When registering the first account, the admin account, after setup. You get an error saying, "We couldn't register you. Please make sure that all the fields are filled out correctly."

When you view the admin profile, the notes composer is not present and must be manually assigned to the person actor type.

#bug #registration #notes

It is possible to double post the same user while registration

Make the "username" and "email" fields unique in the #_users table. Also when the registration form button is clicked, disable it until the form is submitted successfully. #bug #registration
Darwin R.C.

Darwin R.C.

Extend user

Hello Tribe, I successfully managed to include custom fields to the person's #profile by using @rastin opensocial approach, and they are rendering right in profile's edit information section. Now what I am trying to do is include those new fields in the #registration form. I already overrode com_people/person/add_modal.php in my component, but don't know how to save my custom data to the new ...
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