Group Connect Clash With Profile Connect

Connect clashes with group actors Edit your #profile and enable the #twitter connect Now Edit a #group profile and enable the twitter connect If you go back to your profile, you will notice that the #connect is disabled Same happens if you do the reverse as once cancels the other #bug #anahita2.0 #unconfirmed #reports

KDatabaseException when canceling Twitter connect with Group

#bug #1.6 #2.0 #ash @Magnus reports: I get a KDatabaseException when canceling Twitter connect with Group #bug #1.6 #2.0 Workflow: 1. Enabled Twitter in a Group 2. Was prompted to sign in to Twitter account to make the connection 3. Clicked the Cancel button instead of Sign in 4. 1048 error was thrown Error message: 1048 - Exception 'KDatabaseException' with message 'Column 'profile_id...

Partial storing of access token

The access token field in the db is only 100 bytes. Facebook has started handling access token longer than that. Need to increase the db size to 255 or make it a tinytext field #reports

SignIn/Register work flow bug

When user has entered the incorrect login information on SignIn/Register view they are still presented with the Payment Method view #reports

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