You can see the next release of Anahita in the nohtml branch which only renders JSON by default and OG (OpenGraph) if you use .og extension in the node URLs. The codebase is nearly 60% smaller: https://github.com/anahitasocial/anahita/tree/issues/nohtml #Anahita #nohtml #Restful
Rastin Mehr

Rastin Mehr

What do we want to see in Anahita 4.*

Blossoms in WestEnd

The focus of #Anahita 4.3 was to completely remove Joomla from Anahita. The focus of next release will be #MobileFirst and developing a client server architecture where all the UI layouts and elements are generated in the browser using Javascript while the server side php becomes mostly an API.

This article describes the ideal scenarios that we are aiming to achieve.

Designing for Mobile First


Anahita 3.0 provides RESTful API in com_people

We do not have RESTful API for the com_users in Anahita 2.*, becuase none of the Joomla components are RESTful, and com_users is a legacy component from joomla. However in the Anahita 3.0 we no longer have com_users and authentication and registration are handled by com_people which is a native Anahita component and it is indeed RESTful.  

#restful #anahita #joomla #3.0

So far we've removed about 40% of the codebase by size in the nohtml branch https://github.com/anahitasocial/anahita/tree/issues/nohtml #RESTful #Anahita
Andrea Torre

Andrea Torre

Focusing on back-end. Front-end in AngularJS.

Hi all,

this is just a proposal :)

1. The idea is to focus only on the #backend, ignoring the front-end in the coming months to make available powerful, complete and well documented #RESTful / #JSON #APIs to the dev community as soon as possible.

2. In parallel, the idea is to start a new project on GitHub for the front-end, likely using #AngularJShttp://www.angularjs.org and...

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