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Thomas Sechak

Thomas Sechak

Pre Purchase Question

Pre Purchase Question

I would like to run past you what I am intending to achieve, to find out if Anahita is a good way to go. If you think Anahita is a good fit then I will purchase a Premium account.

First of all I would not call myself a coder but I am a quick learner. I have worked with many sites for many years with a fair bit of database experience as well. That being said I want to b...

Zhuo Song

Zhuo Song

How to fit my coding experience into Anahita?

As an academic PhD, my coding experience is limited to C++, Perl and Java. I'm familiar with Linux enviorment and know a little bit about HTML and PHP.

To get start, I think I need below informations if they are not support questions:

1) Any develop tools or IDE recommended? Like IntelliJ for Java. 2) Any recommended web link would be helpful to learn how to install Anahita? I know there wil...

Unknown Person

Is Anahita still built around the Joomla framework?

I have been following your project for some time now. My next major project is to upgrade our current site to Joomla 1.7. Most of the pieces are in place to make this happen. The one big problem is our current community extension may not make the cut.  I would like to know if your 1.6/1.7 versions are still built into the Joomla framework. I understand that Anahita is not an extension for Jooml...

Diego Barajas

Diego Barajas

Search engine on anahita?

Is there a search engine on Anahita?

I can see that there is one on the forums, but what about a general search engine that can search in the posts, images (tags), forums, and so on, right from the top of the site.

Thanks Diego #anahita #social #networking #engine

Unknown Person

Can Anahita do this? Private Communities with sub groups?

Hi all, I would like to have a site that allows an organization to setup a community. The admin for the org would pay a subscription fee but the members of the org's community would not.

There could be multiple communities and non of them see each other.

There could be multiple sub groups created by the community (some private to only the members of the subgroup and some public viewable to...

Gregg McLachlan

Creating two levels of users

I'm wondering about ability to create two user groups in Anahita: One general user group (public) and another level of user that is specifically reserved for experts. The purpose is that general users would then interact with experts #anahita #social #networking #engine

Ravi Kiran

Ravi Kiran

How about integrating Anahita community with existing wordpress blog/site

How easy it is to integrate Anahita with an exsisting wordpress blog/site. I would not like to disturb the existing site as it is working well in wordpress. Would you suggest integrating it with anahita or with something like buddypress? #anahita #social #networking #engine

Bunthan Say

Web Analytics app?

Could that be one day that anahita has its web analytics app for the engine? Web analytics become the wanted feature for any website and even much demand for social engine. Recently I came across a website which has developed the analytics tool and it is an open source which could be used into anahita. Please check this site: www.piwik.org #anahita #social #networking #engine

Developing a new module or application: diference to other like jomsocial


I'm new on Anahita and I'm trying to know how works and how to develop new features and modules. I have read that Anahita is not a Joomla module, but I would like to know the diferences with for example Jomsocial in extending an developing new features. I know jomsocial, and I would like to know where is Anahita best. We have find some restricions on integrate custom modules with Jomsocial...

Unknown Person

Tutorials/Where to get started

Hey Guys,

I came across Anahita while researching a new social project I am working on.  I decided to go with you guys as everything you have built looks fantastic and like exactly what I am looking for.  I am an experienced web developer and have used a lot of MVC frameworks such as CodeIgniter, Zend, Cake, and others but I have never used Joomla which this is built on top of.  I was wonderin...

Zhuo Song

Zhuo Song

Something about customized Actor Nodes

Under some conditions (specific-defined), if actor nodes B and C want to have the common leader A, is it possible to require (by system, not by A) that there is no connections (L/F/M) between B and C.

Thanks, #anahita #social #networking #engine

Sara Toole

New Release

Hi Rastin,

Thanks for all of your input so far.   I am interested to know when the next release of Anahita will be available -- or when you hope to have it available.   Would also love to have an update of what you are looking to include in the new release (have read numerous threads that detail different aspects). 

Will it be easy to upgrade if we start with this edition and move on? ...

Heath Golub

Heath Golub

Attempting a new (networking) site and looking for the "right" starting point

Hello All,

Though I have been a user of social networking sites, I have never implemented or maintained my own. Recently, I was asked to build a "social" site for a new client. Now, my first instinct was to build a custom site from scractch (that is the C# developer in me) ... but then figured that there had to be an easier, better way. That idea ultimately led me to Anahitapolis and othre FOS...

Unknown Person

Social Project Management/CRM

We are looking to develop a project management solution for our company. My idea is that the workflow will be social, and searchable. Each employee would have a feed of what they are responsible for. There would also be an overall company feed. The feed esentially is the tasks. I would like to see it where each task also has a discussion related to it if necessary. Just like facebook each emplo...

Nick Swinford

Nick Swinford

Gantry or Construct Template Framework?

I've been looking to sink my teeth into a template framework lately and I'm not sure which one to go with.

I know the Shiraz Template uses the Gantry Template Framework, but I've seen a lot of buzz for the new Construct Template Framework and it specifically supports Nooku Server as well as the other distributions.

I've looked into both template frameworks and they both have their strengths a...

Ravi Kiran

Ravi Kiran

How does an app development in anahita 1.5 affect once anahita 1.6 is available?

How does an app development in anahita 1.5 affect once anahita 1.6 is available? #anahita #social #development

Jessica Elliot

Is Anahita right for my site?

Hey everyone!

I am looking to develop a new social networking website and I've been looking around the market for some open-source options. Anahitapolis appears to be a good option and I like that it is local to me (I'm in Vancouver). However, I'd like to explain my project to you and see if you can let me know if it can cover the site's needs.

The project I'm working on is a social n...

Bunthan Say

White Label? The true one.

Recently, I read through some articles while highlighted the concern of hacking the site when the hackers know the source of the engine of the site. It could be true that knowing the source could lead to possibly open harm of the site. So far, I don't know whether anahita has concerned about this. With true white label, it could help a lot. Does Anahita social engine is going to have its white ...

Analystics App?

I'm about to start my social site in the near future. I try to source around regarding analystic app that will work with Anahita social engine smoothly. If anyone know please advice.

The tool will generate report of all activities in the social engine with visual charts. It will also show the user/group statistic when we click on them. For instance, how many followers he/she has? Photos? Arti...

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