Roni Mmi

Roni Mmi

Socialgraph filter isn't working

it does load the item, but doesn't insert the results in the list #bug #socialgraph #filter
Rastin Mehr

Rastin Mehr

Update on this week's #Anahita #hackathon: the ability for an actor's admins or followers to add new followers has been implemented. The stories and notifications need to be refined. The implementation is a bit crude. In general the #socialgraph needs to be refactored and refined. Quite likely we need a socialgraph MVC and a cleaner implementation of what we currently have. We may get a chance ...

Redirect to the viewer's profile after following a person

Person A follows me, in the notification email I click on view Person A's profile and then I follow her on her profile. I get redirected to my own profile rather than the Person A's profile. #1.6 #2.0 #embryo #bug #notification #socialgraph #bugs
Roni Mmi

Roni Mmi

  • September 04 2018
PERFUMEX AI : Astrological intelligence According to astrological intelligence, people from the different zodiac sign have different characteristics and preferences to certain scents. so we developing PERFUMEX AI to Help You Find The Best Signature Scent From For You according to your zodiac sign. If you search in Google. There is Information For Western Zodiac Perfume. but most of those ...

Unknown Person

Posible bug #following

I just noticed that although I am following @NicholasJohn16 my #SocialGraph does not represent this. I'll try to click on unfollow and then follow again to see if that changes anything.

Social Graph counters aren't consistent

Do check for inconsistencies in social graph counters. #bug #1.6 #2.0 #socialgraph #bugs

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