Suggest Friends

Although I won't be working on generating the suggestions, I was wondering how you would show the results. I imagine you could do something similar to the "Followers" display, but I'm not sure how all that works.

#suggestions #recommendation

Rastin Mehr

Rastin Mehr

4 groups that are currently the focus of activity

Most of you are following the Tribe Support group. You may want to follow these groups as well if it relates to the focus of your projects:

If you are interested in Open Science or Open Data http://www.getanahita.com/groups/143713-open-science

Everything about Online Learning and Open Learning http://www.getanahita.com/groups/128215-online-learning

Startup Hub: If you are a startup, this is ...

Zhuo Song

Zhuo Song

People may like short and well-titled podcast more

First, I really like the content of Anahita podcast and learned a lot from the discussion. Just some suggestions that might not be important:

1) It's too long, 40-60 mins each. 2) It's too juicy for one episode.

Considering most discussions raised from different people have relatively separate interests, is it possible to split the content and then title them?

It requires extra work and tim...

Rastin Mehr

Rastin Mehr

Optional stories if used on a person profile

If the app is used on a person profile either do not publish story items or make them optional. #feature #features #suggestions


Topic and didcusions -links and difficulty

As a relative new Anahita covert/ 'tester' I find some aspects of the site difficult or rather I know my users will find it rather unintuitive. For example the Kunena discussion on here is 2 pages long, its very long on the page and because of its layout feels awkward to use. If its a long ongoing discussion the notification link takes one to the top of the first page. Maybe in addition to the ...

Single or batch file download

Ability to download a single image file or all the images within an album depending on the licensing type or privacy permissions set by the primary owner of the image. #features #suggestions
William Tower

William Tower

Auto URL Discovery?

I noticed that Anahita will autoembed video URLS. I am just wondering there will ever been auto URL discovery functionality like on Facebook or Linked In? #suggestions

Display related albums

In a photo view display the list of related albums that the photo belongs to. #features #suggestions

Owner names to the dashboard gadget thumbnails

On the Dashboard gadget add the owner names to the bottom of each thumbnail. #features #suggestions



  1. All the buttons text is not that visible , i think it should be bold
  2. Profile photo is not zooming in

James DeVries

Calendar support and REST API available?

I am considering jumping ship and use Anahita but need two additonal features.  Has anyone built a group calendar?  Also, is there a REST API available to deliver content to native mobile apps? #suggestions

Nick Balestra

nick balestra

Quick Anahitapolis UX thought

Hey guys, there is always something that get me stressed when heading to anahitapolis.com. Most of the time i get interesting story notification trough email, that by clicking bring me to the actual story here on anahitapolis. However every time to get into the discussion i need to go back to the homeapage, login and then search back the page i was looking for, can you please please making the...

Bunthan Say

Could K2 user in sync with Anahita user?

Most of us love K2 component which we can develop most of sites' needed. And I would love to see also that K2 user and Anahita user can syncronize each others. Could that be possible? #suggestions

Photo upload limit

Ability to set a limit on the number of uploaded photos. #features #suggestions

Albums module on the photo stream

Display a list of albums (possibly popular ones) in a component module on the view=photos&layout=default screen. #features #suggestions

After first getting first anahita site going, a few suggestions..


I recently got my first Anahita site live @ http://cosmicfantasia.com

It's not worth going through all the things I'd like to see added, because I know your vision is awesome and have seen from your posts that you are heading in the direction I like. But...

1) Search - Instead of having a search for particular area, it needs an overall search, that just doesn't search Anahita, but howeve...

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