My feature requests


I know some of these are on the roadmap. But if so, I hope it helps as user feedback for dev priorities.

* Blogs (my biggest feature request. keep wanting to goto k2, but am waiting for the first out of yourselves and Tuiyo. Thinking its going to be you ;)

* Groups (with unlimited nested categories. I want to have, USA California San Francisco La Honda

* Groups module for listing gr...

James Imani

James Imani

Summary of Anahita

I just wanna sum up some features of Anahita and would like to propose more new features.

[I call only some important features]: -Profile (I found it in the demo) -Follow User/Be friends -Wall Post -Private Message (don't find it here but read it already in the roadmap) -Ability to embed videos from other social networks -Photo Albums -Discussion (Forums) -Facebook Connect (very well ...

Suggest Friends

Although I won't be working on generating the suggestions, I was wondering how you would show the results. I imagine you could do something similar to the "Followers" display, but I'm not sure how all that works.

#suggestions #recommendation

William Tower

William Tower

Auto URL Discovery?

I noticed that Anahita will autoembed video URLS. I am just wondering there will ever been auto URL discovery functionality like on Facebook or Linked In? #suggestions

Suggestion - Facebook Connect Profile Migration

Hi, Will your Facebook Connect allow for profile migration. I would like to see where we may use your component to create profile fields and we are able to map them against already existing fields in Facebook Profile. Similar to JFBConnect component #suggestions

Nick Balestra

nick balestra

Quick Anahitapolis UX thought

Hey guys, there is always something that get me stressed when heading to anahitapolis.com. Most of the time i get interesting story notification trough email, that by clicking bring me to the actual story here on anahitapolis. However every time to get into the discussion i need to go back to the homeapage, login and then search back the page i was looking for, can you please please making the...

Suggestion - Module/Gadget Option

Just a suggestion, an option to include everyone and not just people on your social graph on modules like recent replies, recent topic, recent photos etc. #suggestions

Unknown Person

Semantic Formats

I think a long term goal would be to support some RDF output to help identify connections between people. There is FOAF (http://xmlns.com/foaf/spec/) and various other ontologies that describe a person and their relationships. At this point, I wouldn't know what is the best flavor for this, but you can see parts of it in practice in Wordpress with their FOAF support, on LinkedIn with a hCard mi...




  1. All the buttons text is not that visible , i think it should be bold
  2. Profile photo is not zooming in
Dale-Kurt Murray

Dale-Kurt Murray

Anahita with JReviews

JReviews has been integrated in many of the other community components for Joomla, do you see Anahita being apart of that list or are there any intentions or building a similar component in the future? #suggestions

Suggestion - Points System

I have been working with Bernard Gilly\'s AlphaUserPoints - http://alphaplug.com since 2008 and it has had overwhelming fan fair among Joomla Users especially those who have invested in JomSocial, such as myself.

Bernard has not actively developed rules for JomSocial mainly because it is not Open Source, I can\'t blame him for that. However he had expressed an interest in developing rules for ...



Auto expand page

I was wondering if it is possible to automatically expand/extend the page to display more info when one get to the bottom of the page.

Instead of having to click on "Get More Records" it should be done automatically. It would help with the general use experience. An example can be found at http://www.joomlart.com/joomla/templates/showcase. #suggestions

Unknown Person

Two suggestion.

Hello. I have two suggestion.. Register witch other "user". Like "Musican" and "normal user" with other right to do. Musican can get access to aplication like music, player, upload etc.

And Music app to that.

What you think about it? #suggestions

that damn breadcrumb

While I was trying to make the breadcrumb working in other environment i just thought that a social engine should have its own "brheadcrumb " system. I wouldn't call it breadcrumb but more then a path history, as you navigate trough the graph from node to node by crossinf edges, a path is formed that is more something like a cronology, but not exatly... Because to reach a certain node in the gr...

Torkil Johnsen

Torkil Johnsen


Just saw the news about the subscriptions app, and by popular request I'm starting a discussion in here regarding in-app purchases.

I am not proposing, nor wishing, but merely mentioning that there might be a market for in-app purchases. I am running a martial arts website where club owners can register their clubs, and for them it would be a welcome addition to be able to promote their club e...

Dale-Kurt Murray

Dale-Kurt Murray

Migration Components for Anahita

Right now there are not a lot of community components for Joomla, in fact I can list three, Community Builder, JomSocial and Joomunity. One question I have been asked recently while trying to fill my seats, has been \"Will there be a JomSocial migration tool for Anahita\".

This was something I had not thought about and now I think it would be a pretty good add-on for Anahita to have Community ...

James DeVries

Calendar support and REST API available?

I am considering jumping ship and use Anahita but need two additonal features.  Has anyone built a group calendar?  Also, is there a REST API available to deliver content to native mobile apps? #suggestions

Rastin Mehr

Rastin Mehr

Optional stories if used on a person profile

If the app is used on a person profile either do not publish story items or make them optional. #feature #features #suggestions

Suggestion - Number of views per topic

I think you should display the number of views per topic, as some topics maybe informational rather then to stimulate an active response. Such as How-Tos, Announcements or a locked thread if that is currently possible. #suggestions

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