Hunter Wilkes

Customize the GUI

Hey All,

I want to try and customize the GUI for my site, but I honestly have no idea where to start. Any advice or tips would be greatly appreciated.



#gui #template #customization

Rastin Mehr

Rastin Mehr

Base node story and notification template

A lot of the story and notification templates are similar so there is no point in repeating them in different apps. It would be better to use a simple base template while having the option of adding custom ones at the application or site template level. #story #notification #template
Rastin Mehr

Rastin Mehr

Test all template overwrites

#bug #2.2 #anahita #template icon, favicon, component layout, ui template layouts, story layouts

Please how to create html sections on anahita 4.1

There are some examples included in the Shiraz template that you can adopt in your custom template. https://github.com/anahitasocial/anahita/tree/master/src/site/templates/shiraz/html/com_html/content The static pages are simple php pages which means you have full control to code them in html, javascript, css, and php. They also give you complete access to the Anahita API so you can make...
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