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Rastin Mehr

Rastin Mehr

June 03 2013
Anahitapolis has been updated of course there are bugs and misspellings and navigation issues, but they will be fixed as we move forward.
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Looks great. Anahita feels leaner and leaner by each update. Like the clean interface.
June 04 2013 Permalink
Each stream I switch to (stories, topics, photos, etc.) is almost instant. Is this part of Anahita 3? WOW!!!

Only problem is that I can't find the download link to the embryos. :) :) :)
We haven't made embryo packages yet.
We are documenting and fixing bugs in #Anahita and #Anahitapolis website. We are also fixing and improving the new navigations and content structure so you can find the information you need faster.

Thank you very much for all of your bug reports. We are approaching an Embryo release very soon after these essential bugs are fixed.
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